Monday, March 2, 2015


Well, this has been a week of a lot of miracles. We have learned a lot and seen a lot. 
We started out the week with transfers and we didn't get changed. I will be finishing my mission in Morona Cocha! Woo :) We were happy. My companion was more happy because she will be 'killing me'. 
We found a less active this last week that was really cool. We have always been looking for her but we always just found one of her daughters that are members as well. But this time we found the 3 sisters together. We came in and sat down only to find that one of the sisters was in her bed crying. We asked what happened and they said she had a stomach infection. I looked at her and I didn't feel like that is what it was. We started with a prayer and shared something about the church but I just kept looking at the girl in the bed, I finally started to ask her questions about her life..."Do you have a husband?" "Do you have kids?" She responded and started to cry more. She said that they were going to have kids but she lost her baby when she had four months being pregnant. We shared a scripture with her and talked with her and she seemed to feel a little bit better when we left. She didn't come to church this Sunday, but we are going to keep visiting her. 
We had a work visit this last week, I was in the area of the sister leaders and my companion was in our area with one of the sister leaders and it went well. We learned what we can do better. I got to know a different area, but I like my area more :) 
Saturday night when we got back together with my companion we went to go work in the afternoon. The visits that we had fell through so we started to 'walk by the spirit'. That's what we call it. We came across a members house and suddenly something stopped me and I saw this guy sitting and watching soccer. I started to talk to him about soccer and asked him who was winning and I asked him if he was a member. He said no, and we kept talking. Then he invited us to come in. We started to talk and he confessed that he is a member, but inactive. He explained that his wife left him when they had their children and that a lot of stuff has happened. He works traveling for months at a time. He says that he knows he just needs to choose to come back. He was awesome. He explained to us that it was luck that we found him because he was going to leave and go work for a month and a half on Friday, but he decided to stay until Monday and then we found him :) 
After that we were walking and we wanted to go find a girl that we taught one time that we never found again. We went to see if she was home and we found her mom. Her mom said that she was a little upset. She let us come in and we felt the spirit so strong. It was awesome. We taught her a little bit and she said that she felt a lot better and that she wanted us to teach her children as well. :) 
We are feeling good. I am feeling good. I love doing this amazing work and finding those people that God wants us to find. It is amazing. 
I hope that you all have an amazing week. It is still hot here and still rains sometimes. Good old Iquitos :)
Hermana Larsen


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