Monday, March 30, 2015

Te vas?‏

Well, this week was awesome! We had so many miracles happen! We were walking one night and all of our appointments fell through and I looked at my companion and asked her where we should go. We found the couple that are going to get married on the 17th of April on the street. They looked quite sad. They told us that they were waiting for a guy to bring them money so that they can eat. They are only eating once a day because the dad doesn't have work. So being us, we went down the street bought them some food and brought it to them. It made us feel good. We also have a goal that if our appointments fall through that we go with a member and we share with them. We went with the president of the relief society. She is super sick but so so sweet. She has problems with her kidneys so when she returns home from working, her legs are very swollen. My companion gave her a massage because my companion is awesome and is a cosmetologist. :) She was extremely grateful and shared with us that she doesn't like to get attached to the missionaries because they always get changed or go home and she started to cry. It was really sweet. 
We also are teaching a sweet 10 year old that is probably the smartest 10 year old that I have ever known. Her mom is a member. We taught her about the restoration and the ten year old understood all of it and then we went to go teach her this week and we asked her if she believes that the church is true and she said yes. We asked her why and she said because it has apostles and a prophet and the priesthood and revelation. I was shocked. I have never heard that answer from a ten year old before. We taught them about family history and we asked the girl if she has family that has passed away and she said 'mi abuelita' (my grandma) and we kept teaching but then realized that she was crying. She told us that she never got to know her grandma. And we taught her that she can see her grandma again and she was super excited. We are taking them to the family history center this week. :) 
It has been raining so hard and the river keeps growing and growing. We were working one afternoon this week and it started to rain SUPER hard. We felt like it was the second coming, and all the members are thinking the same.. haha :) But please pray for the people here. There are many that are leaving their houses and can't enter their house for the river. And it is supposed to keep raining until the end of April. 
Saturday we went to the womens conference. It was fun! We went with all the sisters in our zone and a member. We watched it in Spanish and it was fun because this time I could understand every word :) Woooo 
Yesterday we received an amazing miracle! We were in church and we helping a couple that we are teaching get to church with his grandson and another guy that is blind to get there as well. We got to church and we were happily waiting for it to start and we saw another couple that we are teaching show up and then another and another. 10 of our investigators showed up yesterday to church. we were shocked! All of them are excited and wanting to get baptized and married and all that fun stuff. We have a lot of work to do this week. Also I received another surprise. One of the less actives that I taught in my first area in Iquitos showed up to my ward yesterday! It was awesome. He stayed and attended the classes and then afterwards talked with me. He is now preparing to go on a mission and baptized his brother on Saturday. His brother we taught a ton when I started my mission but said that he just wasnt ready to get baptized yet. But he got baptized on Saturday! He was asking for forgiveness for all the things he put me through when I taught him, for not wanting to come to church and for not reading the Book of Mormon. He is awesome and I started to cry. 
I am so grateful for all the things that I have learned in my mission, I have had so many experiences that have assisted me to grow and learn in this gospel. I love the people of Peru.  Peru has my heart, I know it is cheesy but it is true. The people here have a way of getting to your heart and loving you no matter what you have done or if you have yellow hair and can't speak Spanish. They are ready to hear this gospel. Not only have I seen people change and get a conversion but I have seen a change in myself and felt more and more a conversion in myself to God and Jesus Christ. I am so very sad to leave Peru and go home, but as I have learned in the mission, every change is for a reason and it is preparing us for something bigger and better. The only constant is change. 
I will see you all next week :) 
Hermana Larsen

 Women's Conference


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