Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Well, we got transfers!! I am still in the same area. But……I have a new companion! I was super sad to say goodbye to Hermana Resanovich but I am excited to get to know my new companion. Her name is Hermana Centeno. She is from Peru but more south close to Arequipá. She is super sweet and shorter than I am J
This whole week I got to help her get to know our area and the people and the branch, she is super excited to be here and work here, she loves it. Like the whole mission says, Moyobamba is the paradise of the mission. And it’s true because of its climate and the people, it is the best. I am so happy that I get to spend a little bit more time here.
This last week there isn’t too much to tell, we found some cool people but a lot of people were not home and weren’t available to listen to us.
We went and did family history this last week for our families. And I got to enter and see all the work that my grandma is doing and the side of my dad as well. And it was awesome. I love doing family history I got to see everything. My relatives from Denmark, Sweden and England it was fun. We are going to do it again this week. I also found out we were doing it with the elders and I found out that I am related to one of the elders from waaaayyyyy far back. It’s pretty awesome.
Well, I don’t have that much time today; I hope you all have an amazing week. And that your wildest dreams come true!
Hermana Larsen

Yes, we had a flour fight!
A rainbow on a very sad day.
 I can fit in the bag!
 At the waterfall
 An amazing family!
 My district :)

 My new companion!

Monday, October 20, 2014

El sol‏

Another week has come and gone. I think I say this every week but what a week. We had a really good week. There was a ton of sun! It was funny because we started out the week with a lot of rain and we proselyted soaking wet but then all of a sudden the climate changed and there was nothing but sun! Sun! Sun! And the sun here is super different than the sun in Iquitos. It burns you, but not your skin, like your soul. It sounds weird but for real. Two nights I couldn’t sleep because I felt super hot and my companion too. But we didn’t look sunburnt just tanned.
But other than the horrible sun we found some pretty cool people. All the people that we found this last week wanted to talk and talk and talk, about everything. We would ask a question and they wouldn’t answer it, they would just go off subject and talk about something else and talk for like an hour. Haha, but it was fun.
We also got to do our own family history Friday in the morning. We went and filled in a lot of stuff for our family history, it was fun. Because we are teaching a lot of people about family history so we get to do our own family history to be the example. This is where I am super grateful for my Grandma because she works so hard to do family history and now I understand more of the importance to do it. J
We had a cool lesson the other night with less actives that I have told you guys about before. The husband was super stressed out and sad because he wants to move to Iquitos for work but his wife doesn’t want to go. But his mom lives there and just left prison and feels like he should be helping her. But we taught him a little bit that he gets to ask God and pray. Because we asked if he prayed about it and he was like ‘no’ and we were like ‘exactly, then you can’t leave yet.’ Haha it was a fun lesson and super spiritual J
Today is transfers……dun dun dun….. haha we probably won’t get changed, we will see, wish us luck! J
Love you all J
Hermana Larsen

Monday, October 13, 2014

Torta con hongos‏

Well, this week was awesome. We started out the week making brownies on pday with some elders and some members of the branch, it was pretty fun and super yummy :) 
Thursday I had one year in the mission!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! So we bought a cake from this bread place that we live close to and we were all super excited and then we cut it open and saw that it had mold!!! So my companion tried to get out all of the mold so that we could eat some of it, and the whole thing had mold, we were super sad. And then one of the sisters that we live with, started a cake fight with the molding cake, it was pretty funny and fun :) Oh the joys of living in a house with 2 other sisters :) 
This last week on pday at night we went to go work and the last week we found this guy on the street that was like 'quiero que me visiten' (I want you guys to visit me) so we took his number and we called him and we went to go teach him on Monday at night and we found out that he was a less active. He began to tell us that he is a returned missionary and everything and that he has made a lot of mistakes, and he told us that the other day he was praying to see missionaries, he just wanted to see missionaries because he hadn't seen them in so long. And then he saw us walking the other day when he ran up to us and told us that he wanted us to visit him. I love experiences like that, for real, it makes being a missionary so cool. But he is awesome and we are now teaching his family that are not members as well :) 
We had a work visit this last week where I went in the area of my sister leaders and my companion was with one of the sister leaders in our area, it was fun, Hermana Vasquez and I are super alike, she is from the Dominican Republic, cool huh? But we had a good time and some pretty cool experiences. 
We finally got to watch conference this last week, and those North Americans got to watch in English, hallelujah! It was fun, and super weird, It was weird to talk in English so much, like I am used to writing in English on pdays but all the other time I am talking in Spanish with my companion, like all the time, unless she is studying English and that is only one hour a day. So I don't know what I am going to do when I get home and I need to speak English all the time.....
But this week was really good, we had a lot of really cool experiences. :) I can feel myself growing so much as a person and I am super happy :)
Hermana Larsen

Monday, October 6, 2014

No conferencia....

Buenas Días!
What a week this has been, but I think I say that every week. But this
last week we worked super hard. We had a lot of cool experiences with
the people in our area. We are teaching a girl that is 20 years old
that is absolutely adorable and super open to learn and attend church.
She was a reference of a less active that we were teaching. She is so
sweet and we started to teach her parents this last week and they are
super open as well to learn and the dad is always making jokes with
us, it is great we are super excited for them.
This last week we couldn’t watch conference because it is elections in
Peru on Sunday, so the law is that we can’t have a meeting, like no
church can get together for church service. So we just worked all day
on Sunday, it was super weird, we didn’t feel like it was Sunday at
all and we didn’t get to watch conference either, instead we are going
to watch conference this next week, all of Peru. 
But we went with one of the less actives that we were going to teach
this last week and they have a bread store and they were putting all
the bread in their bags so we were like ‘hey! We came to help’ well, I
never knew that there were so many kinds of bread, there are tons!!
And I don’t know how the latinos do it but they make bread, cakes,
pastres so much better than we do in the states. I still haven’t
learned the secret yet. 
This last week we found out that one of our less actives that we
absolutely love is moving to Chile, she left yesterday, but we were
super sad so we went with her and shared a message and took a ton of
pictures, it is the less active that I talked about in my other
letters that she has a son that she thinks is autistic. She is amazing
and has such a strong testimony, her husband isn’t a member but is
super willing to listen and learn and even wants to get baptized and
go to church, so we have faith that one day it will happen, because
she wants to go to the temple so bad.
Oh! This last week we also ate these ant things. Here in Moyobamba at
this time of the year there are these ants that start to leave the
ground in thunder storms that are called zigizapa and they are these
ants that they pull off the wings and they fry them with salt and they
eat them, and guess who got to eat some this last week? US! And they
were actually good, it reminded us of popcorn, weird, I know, it took
all my will to stick one of them in my mouth. But my companion was
like ´trust me, trust me, it’s good.´I put it in my mouth and I
actually forgot that I was eating an ant, it tasted exactly like
popcorn. Now I get why everyone here in Moyobamba talks about it and
they rush to the different parts of Moyo to find the ants and dig them
up. It’s pretty awesome, you can see them flying around and
Wooo….Well, I hope that everyone has an amazing week, there is a lot
of rain and cold here and I know that they weather is starting to get
cold there too, wear your coats and enjoy the start of the halloween
season, there is no halloween here!! Celebrate for me! 
Hermana Larsen