Monday, October 20, 2014

El sol‏

Another week has come and gone. I think I say this every week but what a week. We had a really good week. There was a ton of sun! It was funny because we started out the week with a lot of rain and we proselyted soaking wet but then all of a sudden the climate changed and there was nothing but sun! Sun! Sun! And the sun here is super different than the sun in Iquitos. It burns you, but not your skin, like your soul. It sounds weird but for real. Two nights I couldn’t sleep because I felt super hot and my companion too. But we didn’t look sunburnt just tanned.
But other than the horrible sun we found some pretty cool people. All the people that we found this last week wanted to talk and talk and talk, about everything. We would ask a question and they wouldn’t answer it, they would just go off subject and talk about something else and talk for like an hour. Haha, but it was fun.
We also got to do our own family history Friday in the morning. We went and filled in a lot of stuff for our family history, it was fun. Because we are teaching a lot of people about family history so we get to do our own family history to be the example. This is where I am super grateful for my Grandma because she works so hard to do family history and now I understand more of the importance to do it. J
We had a cool lesson the other night with less actives that I have told you guys about before. The husband was super stressed out and sad because he wants to move to Iquitos for work but his wife doesn’t want to go. But his mom lives there and just left prison and feels like he should be helping her. But we taught him a little bit that he gets to ask God and pray. Because we asked if he prayed about it and he was like ‘no’ and we were like ‘exactly, then you can’t leave yet.’ Haha it was a fun lesson and super spiritual J
Today is transfers……dun dun dun….. haha we probably won’t get changed, we will see, wish us luck! J
Love you all J
Hermana Larsen

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