Monday, October 6, 2014

No conferencia....

Buenas Días!
What a week this has been, but I think I say that every week. But this
last week we worked super hard. We had a lot of cool experiences with
the people in our area. We are teaching a girl that is 20 years old
that is absolutely adorable and super open to learn and attend church.
She was a reference of a less active that we were teaching. She is so
sweet and we started to teach her parents this last week and they are
super open as well to learn and the dad is always making jokes with
us, it is great we are super excited for them.
This last week we couldn’t watch conference because it is elections in
Peru on Sunday, so the law is that we can’t have a meeting, like no
church can get together for church service. So we just worked all day
on Sunday, it was super weird, we didn’t feel like it was Sunday at
all and we didn’t get to watch conference either, instead we are going
to watch conference this next week, all of Peru. 
But we went with one of the less actives that we were going to teach
this last week and they have a bread store and they were putting all
the bread in their bags so we were like ‘hey! We came to help’ well, I
never knew that there were so many kinds of bread, there are tons!!
And I don’t know how the latinos do it but they make bread, cakes,
pastres so much better than we do in the states. I still haven’t
learned the secret yet. 
This last week we found out that one of our less actives that we
absolutely love is moving to Chile, she left yesterday, but we were
super sad so we went with her and shared a message and took a ton of
pictures, it is the less active that I talked about in my other
letters that she has a son that she thinks is autistic. She is amazing
and has such a strong testimony, her husband isn’t a member but is
super willing to listen and learn and even wants to get baptized and
go to church, so we have faith that one day it will happen, because
she wants to go to the temple so bad.
Oh! This last week we also ate these ant things. Here in Moyobamba at
this time of the year there are these ants that start to leave the
ground in thunder storms that are called zigizapa and they are these
ants that they pull off the wings and they fry them with salt and they
eat them, and guess who got to eat some this last week? US! And they
were actually good, it reminded us of popcorn, weird, I know, it took
all my will to stick one of them in my mouth. But my companion was
like ´trust me, trust me, it’s good.´I put it in my mouth and I
actually forgot that I was eating an ant, it tasted exactly like
popcorn. Now I get why everyone here in Moyobamba talks about it and
they rush to the different parts of Moyo to find the ants and dig them
up. It’s pretty awesome, you can see them flying around and
Wooo….Well, I hope that everyone has an amazing week, there is a lot
of rain and cold here and I know that they weather is starting to get
cold there too, wear your coats and enjoy the start of the halloween
season, there is no halloween here!! Celebrate for me! 
Hermana Larsen

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