Monday, September 29, 2014


What can I say about this week, we worked pretty hard this last week, but everytime we left we never really found the people we had planned. We always found different people. But we had lessons that were completely awesome :) We left on pday to go visit a couple we were wanting to visit and we found the wife there. This couple is super young and they are so sweet. They have a little baby that is only 4 months old. She was pretty upset. We found out that they had a fight and he came home drunk and they had a super bad fight where he hit her pretty bad, she told us everything that happened and we shared with her a scripture of comfort and she began to cry. Then, the husband came home and started to lie to us about what happened. But we left that house feeling really sad and upset. We prayed super hard for them that night and we visited them a ton this last week and they are doing much better. The members of the branch are working with them.

I was a little upset the last few weeks because I have been sick and we have had a lot of troubles in our area. But after this experience we had and those people we have visited this last week I noticed that all those experiences we had and those things that we learned prepared us for the things that we are experiencing now. And we are able to help these people a lot better than we could have if we didn't experience these things. We have such a cool area and branch, they are always willing to help.
The weather here has been super cold lately, a lot of rain, I have been prosylyting with a SWEATER! I never thought that when I got my call to go to the jungle of Peru that I would use a sweater to work
in. But here I am :)

The food is good, the people are nice. things are good :)
Life is good :)

Hermana Larsen

We had a training with President and Hermana Gomez this last week :)

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