Monday, September 8, 2014

Nos robó de nuestras brownies!‏

What a week, for real. This week was probably one of the hardest weeks of my mission. We started out the week with an awesome lesson with a less active that her son, he is 3 years old almost 4 and doesn't talk, like at all. And basically has all the signs of autism and one day in a lesson I was talking about my awesome brother who has autism and in this lesson she asked me how we knew that my brother had autism and things like that, and she is super scared that her son has autism. And she feels guilty and like she did something wrong. But it was awesome because we helped her realize that it isn't something bad that it actually is a huge blessing. Because those people with disablity like that are closer to God than we can imagine and are more Christ like than we can ever be. :) It was pretty cool :)
We also had our service day this last week and we went with a less active to make orquids. Orquids in moyobamba is a huge thing, people make them from clay and paint. They are super pretty, but this hermana makes them and sells them at the fairs and other events. But we helped her make them for our service and I am going to send a picture of a little bit what we were doing, it was pretty fun. I told her that she needed to teach me so that I could do it in my house for everyone, but I gotta say it is a ton of work!
Oh, I was also sick this last week, I couldn't talk, like at all for two days. My companion had to talk the whole time. And here when you have problems with your throat they always say don't eat anything cold but in the US we always eat something cold when our throat hurts and seriously people think you are going to die if you do that, but now I am a ton better :)
In one of the lessons this last week I was teaching and I felt something on my skirt and I looked down and all of a sudden I saw a parrot that was climbing my skirt to sit on my lap, and I started to laugh so hard, but my companion was super scared she didn't want the parrot to come near her. And the parrot succeeded it got onto my lap and helped me teach the lesson :) 
But the best part of this last week was probably the pastry night that was had in our branch, we made brownies, it was super fun, we made brownies and we had carmel on top of them with powdered sugar and yeah, they looked great...we packed up the brownies and we had to go píck up the prize for the acitvity, because there was going to be a winner for the best pastry, well we went by the house and the hermana hadn't finished the prize and said that we needed to come back in 10 minutes, which was fine because we needed to go pass by for another hermana to remind her to come to the activity, well, we headed with our brownies to the hermana's house and we were walking and the elders called and I didn't want to talk while we were walking so I passed the phone to my companion and my companion was also holding the brownies because she was cold and wanted her hands to be warm, so she was holding the brownies and all of a sudden I heard, 'hey!' and then a saw this guy run past me WITH OUR BROWNIES! yeah, with our brownies. He robbed our brownies! My companion screamed 'mi postre' (my pastry) and I had the urge to run after him because the guy fell in the mud...and then got up and ran off. But something stopped me and told me that I shouldn't chase after him. And we were talking with the elders on the phone and they didn't believe us that we got robbed of our brownies. It was pretty funny. So we went to the activity without our brownies. And everyone was quite the experience :)
But the reason why it was quite the week was because again not many people wanted to listen to us and we had a lot of hard lessons that people were having a lot of problems.
But I know that God is watching over us and guiding us in every step that we take. I love Moyobamba and the people that live here, I am learning so much :)
I hope that everyone has an amazing week and doesn't get robbed of their brownies!
Hermana Larsen

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