Monday, September 22, 2014

Be Still my Soul‏

We all made the same face!
Another week has passed and gone. This last week, I was sick...again. Haha, I couldn't leave my house a lot. But there is a new Elder in the mission that is from California that had an English hymnbook that I stole to entertain myself a little bit when I was sitting in my house. There is a song in the English hymnbook that is not in the Spanish version and that song is Be Still my Soul, which is the song that I needed the most this last week. Sometimes I sit and I think what I get to learn from these experiences that my companion and I are having in this area, because we have had a TON of experiences, but we have learned so much. We have definitely learned to enjoy every moment of our mission, that the mission not is only for baptisms and for lessons and for numbers, but it for to enjoy bringing people to Christ and getting to know new people, to learn how to love people and to get to know a new part of the world. But this week I sang this song a lot! The only thing I missed was a guitar. ;) 
With our area we found a lot of cool people and my companion had some really cool experiences and lessons, I started to work on Saturday and it went well. We went to church and everyone seemed to have something going on that they couldn't come to church. But what was awesome, is that 2 of the recent converts that are in our area that have not attended church since we got here yesterday, it is two kids that their mom works a ton and can't get Sundays off but she sent her kids to church, we were so happy to see them in church :) 
I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be here in Peru with these people, they have all blessed me in one way or another. :) All the sicknesses and the experiences that we are having are worth it because I am not going to remember being sick but I am going to remember all the happy experiences I have had and the laughing that I did :) 
I hope you all have a wonderful week :)
Enjoy every moment!
Hermana Larsen

 Service Day
We are almost the same height:)

Here we are...the 4 girls that live in the pink Barbie Doll house!
Hermana Larsen 

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