Monday, September 1, 2014

El Morro‏ (More Pics)

This week was quite the week. We started out the week climbing this huge mountain. It was literally an hour and a half of just climbing. But when we got to the top is was so awesome. You could see all of Moyobamba J It was awesome J
We had kind of a rough week. Like everyone that we visited didn’t want anything to do with us, they didn’t want to listen, they basically just wanted us to leave their house. We had a visit with this family that we went to. And we told the member that was going with us to meet us at the house of the investigator and we got there and the parents weren’t there but the son was there that is 16 years old and his friends were with him. And we were like ‘oh don’t worry we will come back another day’ and the member was like ‘no, here we have two young souls that need to be saved and hear the words of god, we need to share the gospel with them’ we tried not to laugh and we taught them a little bit, but as teenagers are it was kind of funny because they really didn’t want to listen. But it was a pretty funny experience.
It was our branch president’s birthday this week and we sang happy birthday and we shoved his head in the cake!!! It was hilarious. But then we wanted to take a picture of me about to take a bite of the big cake and as they took the picture they shoved my head in the cake! Haha, it was pretty funny, I had cake on my face and everything.
We had a fun baby shower for one of the less actives that we are teaching that is going to have her baby in September and we played a lot of fun games and ate a lot of food, as usual. J
This week has been a big week of learning to have patience and trust in the lord. I don’t have a lot more stuff to write about this last week, but I hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoys Labor day! J
Hermana Larsen

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