Monday, August 25, 2014

el Morro

Hey Hey Hey!
What a week, we started out this week with a coconut and a knife.  Pday at night we had coconuts and I wanted the meat of the coconut, so I started to try and cut the coconut and I cut my thumb, kind of bad, but I wasn’t screaming or anything because it didn’t hurt but we live in a house of girls and they were freaking out. Haha, but everything is okay, I just had to get a band aid and I am taking pills so that it doesn’t get infected. But now there is always a joke in the zone about Hermana Larsen and a coconut. J
We had a really good week; we worked super hard and found the most awesome families. Well, I had another work visit but with my other sister leader this last week. And we went to go contact a reference and we found a guy that has been a member for 30 years and wasn’t attending church because he moved. And now we are teaching him and his wife. It was pretty awesome.
We also had a family night with a less active that lives in Chile but is living here until December and she wanted to have this family night, so we went and she invited a ton of her friends that are not members, and it was awesome, we played a game, ate popcorn, and drank chocolate milk. J
We also attended the wedding and baptism of a couple that the elders were baptizing in our ward and it was so cute, this couple is so awesome. They had their little party and everyone danced and had fun, they had a ton of food for everyone and almost all of the branch attended, it was great. J
I also got awesome news from my other companion in Iquitos and 3 of the families that we were working with are getting baptized and married!! J I am so happy and the attendance is up to 290 people in Secada, I am so happy to hear about it J
Well, I don’t have a ton of time this week but I am going to send a picture of where we are going today. I am super excited J
Have an amazing week, love you all J
Hermana Larsen

Oh, other story!! we were walking the other day and we hear 'elders! elders!' because a lot of the members thinks that we are elders too and don't know that we are sisters. But we looked and it was a guy that was in the circus. There is a circus in town right now and it is in our area. So we always pass it like everyday. But he was like 'soy miembro. me bauticé en Chiclayo con Elder Delgado de los Estados Unidos.' ( I am a member, I got baptized in Chiclayo with Elder Delgado from the United States.' I was super excited and he started to tell us that his friends were reading the Book of Mormon and that he wanted to know where the church was so that he could attend on Sunday, we told him and he was awesome.
I love moments like that. 

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