Tuesday, August 12, 2014


WOO, Pday!!
It is one of those weeks that I am so happy it is pday. This last week was a long one, but fast at the same time. Well, my companion couldn´t work that well because she is on crutches with a cast on her foot. So she spent a lot of time in the member’s houses while I left with members and worked. It went well; we had a lot of cool experiences. We started out the week with service on Wednesday we went to a members house and cut grass with a machete for a wall of clay that she is making. It was fun, but then when we were returning to our house we were on a street that not one motokar was passing. It was like a deserted road. And my companion was on crutches, so if you can picture this, I was walking calling for a moto and we walked for about a half hour until we ended up calling a member that has a motokar. I love the members here. He came right away to take us to our house. It was a miracle J haha
I just get to tell you guys too that our branch president, his family is probably the absolute best. They are so sweet. Their house is like our house. I feel at home when we go to eat there. I am so happy that his wife is our pensionista for dinner. They are pretty awesome and are assisting us a ton in this time that my companion can’t work that well. Last night we had a family night in their house and we ate hamburgers and the best juice ever. There is this fruit here that is so good, the name of it is really weird, but it is super sweet and when you get to the center you have to be super careful because it is super spiky and it can hurt. But this family night was fun J
We have a less active that we are teaching that is super sweet and has two kids that are absolutely adorable. The little boy doesn’t talk that much at all, he is almost 4 years old and when I am teaching and talking it is so cute, he takes animal crackers and sticks them in my mouth. And I am always like ‘gracias’ and then I continue the lesson but that happens probably 20 times and if I don’t eat it he gets frustrated. J haha
We are started to find some really cool people that we love and are super excited for. We are learning to trust ourselves a lot. We did a cool game last night in the family night where you have two lines and a person has to have a spoon in their mouth with water and they have to walk this line without letting the water fall and if the water falls you have to start over and then the people in the lines are telling you, you can’t do it and that the water is going to fall and everything. I love this game because it just always reminds me that no matter what, if we have a goal and we trust in ourselves and believe in ourselves, it doesn’t matter what happens or what people say. J
Have a wonderful week. J
Hermana Larsen

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