Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Free Fallin‏

Whew!! What a week. Well, to start off, remember how my companion was having trouble with her foot. Well, we went to the clinic and she started to work again but her foot started to swell up again. And so we were stuck in our house again a lot this last week. And then the doctor decided to put a cast on her foot to help it, but never explained why he was doing it or what was going on with her foot. Sometimes I get really annoyed with the medical care here. But now she has a cast on her foot for the next 15 days. So I get to work with members the next two weeks while my companion relaxes. I just hope she gets better. J
We had transfers last week, and one of the girls that lives with us, the companion of our sister leader got transferred to Pucallpa. We were super sad, she is awesome. But now we have 2 sister leaders. In the mission they changed it that now the sister leaders are companions. So now Hermana Hernandez lives with us, she is awesome she was in my ward with me for one transfer in Secada. J
We have started to teach English classes in our branch on Thursdays. It is so much fun. People bring their friends that aren’t members. This last week, we taught in the class how to pray. And it was awesome, and I realize every week that English is super difficult to learn compared to Spanish. But I want to thank my mom for putting me in Thomas Edison, because it has helped me a ton to teach English in this class J
We have a cute recent convert that is 10 years old that is awesome. But his dad is well, yeah. He hits the family. He is very abusive. And what is hard in Peru is that the police system is different. But we have been visiting him and helping him and he is probably the cutest kid ever. He doesn’t like to read the Book of Mormon a lot because he says that its boring. J
Also this last week we were teaching an investigator and I was praying to start the lesson and I felt the spirit super strong and the all of a sudden I felt the room shake. The house was shaking and I heard the sister gasp and it was a mini earthquake. Don’t worry, everything is fine, nothing happened, it was super short and then I finished my prayer. My companion looked at me and was like, ‘you have a voice of a trumpet.’ Haha J

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