Monday, August 18, 2014

Actitud vs Aptitud‏

What a week full of the clinic, trainings, and miracles. We had a good week we started out the week beginning with finding an awesome family. We approached this door our first week in Moyobama and made an appointment to visit them and not unlike many appointments, it fell through because either we couldn’t or they weren’t home until last Monday. We were walking and my companion was on her crutches and the dad came over and was like ‘what happened’(¿que paso?)  (this happens a lot when we are walking). We explained and then he started to say that his wife is a physical therapist and that she can help us so we were like, ‘yeah, why not’ (si, ¿porque no?) so we entered the house and started to talk with the whole family and then the dad started to talk about the book of Mormon and j
Joseph Smith...that’s when our mouths dropped open. We asked him if missionaries had visited him before and he was said, ‘along time ago’ (muchos años atras) but basically he has read the Book of Mormon and knows a ton about the church. So we taught them an awesome lesson and they are progressing really well. And the mom started to explain about my companion’s foot and helped her a little bit.
But that is where the good news comes in! My companion doesn’t have a cast anymore! She can walk without crutches. They took it off Saturday morning. She was so happy and she is doing great, we just can’t walk a ton. J But I have my companion back J
We went to the clinic for that this week and we also went for my health and the lovely water here gave me parasites, again. Haha, I just laugh about it. But the doctor said that I cannot drink the juice that they give us in the lunches here... that I can only drink bottled water. But we were in the clinic Tuesday all of the afternoon because they had to do tests and all that stuff.
We had a funny lesson yesterday with a couple that are less active. We were teaching about baptisms for the dead and I asked ‘don’t you think that your grandparents deserve the opportunity to be baptized’ and he was like ‘yeah, I can just dig them up myself and go to the temple and baptize them’ . Hahaha I was dying and he was dying too because he knew what baptisms for the dead are, but he likes to give me crap. J
And we are started to experience fruits in our area lately, well that phrase probably sounds funny, we see fruits every day, like bananas and mango but I am meaning fruits of our labor. We had one of our investigators attend church the other day, the first one in months and he and his wife want to get baptized! But they feel like they need to be more prepared, like usual but we are having amazing lessons with them and we found them the other day reading their Book of Mormon J We are pretty excited.
We also had training with the president this last week and we were invited to remember when we first came in the mission, our excitement when we basically didn’t know anything about this mission. And I realized that I have changed, but not in a bad way, I am still the same person and I still laugh at everything J but I realized the success in the mission all depends on our attitude and the way we look at things. If we get super frustrated and don’t see the good news in things than things are just going to go terrible but if we have a good attitude things are going to go good. I also learned we cannot give away what we don’t have. If I do not have love for myself, I can’t give love to others.
Things are going good lately we are excited to work this next week. I hope everyone has an amazing week. And don’t forget to love yourself and find the good news in every situation J
Hermana Larsen

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