Monday, March 23, 2015

El rio está creciendo con arañas‏

Well I am going to start out with what happened on pday. We worked at night and it was kind of rough. We had a lot of people that turned us down and didn't even want to listen to us. When we got home and entered the house my companion was like 'que es eso?' (what is that?) and we looked at the ground and found a huge spider the size of my hand! I screamed super loud and then the spider began to jump and jumped to the wall probably because I screamed so loud. Haha my companion and I were freaking out. Normally my companion is brave enough to kill the spiders, but this time, nope, she was just as scared as I was. But we stood there in our house with brooms, not knowing what to do. My companion said, "Let's call Mama Ketty." She is our pensionista. We called our district leader first. He didn't answer so we called our pensionista. She started to laugh! We were screaming on the phone to her and she said 'ya me voy' (I'm coming). She came with her husband and in the meantime when we were waiting for them, we were standing on guard with brooms just in case. They came and her husband killed it. We were saved! 
The next day we went to family history with one of the members we are teaching. He is blind. He had an accident in 2009 and now he can't see. He is awesome. He comes to church by himself and makes his way around really well. We went to the family history center and he did his family history and he got the opportunity to send the name of his dad to the temple. They sent it and he started to cry. It was amazing we could feel that there were angels in the room with us :) 
This week there has been 10 times the amount of rain. We are teaching a few people that live on the rivers and their houses are being flooded because the river is growing from all the rain. We went to go visit one of the families at night and we were peacefully walking along these skinny bridges above water. We didn't think anything of it and then we entered the house, taught, and at the end of the lesson we were leaving and my companion asked how deep the water was. We were told it is very deep. It is 2 meters and then it just gets deeper and deeper. Haha we were freaking out. We told the sister to watch us so that we didn't fall and we made it safely. We are good :) haha 
We also had training this week with the mission president. It was really good and we learned a lot. We went to go eat in a restaurant and it started to rain really hard, as usual, and we had to return to the offices. Imagine a group of white collared shirts and skirts running in the rain, the majority gringos. It was pretty funny for my last training :) 
Then yesterday we did a blitz and all the missionaries had to come to one church to meet up and it started to rain, again, but this one was super strong and lasted until we got home at night. We got soaked and we were super cold, I felt like I was in snow, but we kept going. It was pretty funny. 
We found an awesome family this week. We were contacting a reference of one of our investigators and we found a girl that is a member. There were three teenage boys there and they were all sarcastic and told us they wanted to listen as well. My companion and I are always super defensive because I am a gringa and there are always guys that are dumb, but they all sat and listened really attentively and then they told us that they had attended the church before and it was awesome. We are going to visit them all next week again :) 
I hope the weather is good in Utah and there isn't any snow and that it has all gone away so that I can survive in a few weeks :) I love you all. I hope that everything is amazing. Take in every moment and enjoy it :) 
Hermana Larsen

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