Monday, March 9, 2015


Well, if you saw by the title, we have been eating a lot of bananas, why? Because I love them, they can do so many things here with plantanes and bananas, it is so good! Our pensionista makes us some everyday, I love them :) 
This week we saw a miracle on Tuesday. We have the family that we are teaching with the husband that it is in a wheelchair and his wife, well they aren't married, as usual, but they are the sweetest family on this planet. They have two children that are just adorable. We invited them to pray for a date to get married for the 28th of March. They accepted to pray and then we went to go visit them on Tuesday. We asked them about their prayer and they are getting married the 28th of March!! Wooooooo :) We were super excited they are both very content. They have been talking with the bishop and have finding solutions for his work he hasn't been getting paid. I'll send pictures. I hope they go through.  
All Saturday morning we worked in the rain, then it rained all weekend. There has been a lot of rain but in 2 minutes a lot of sun will come out that burns your skin. Hah! That is the climate of Iquitos :) 
I hope my sweet nephew this week has an amazing birthday. He is turning 2 years old! I love that kid! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXTON! 
Hermana Larsen

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