Monday, March 16, 2015


Well, this week we started out on p-day by going to Belen, a huge market place where they sell clothes, food, everything and we ran into someone that I taught in my first area. I was so excited. I wanted to see his mom. He led me to her and it was so great to see her! We hugged, she gave me juice and bought me a papaya. She is so sweet, I was so excited to see her. :) I am sending a picture of the two of us.
We also have been organizing a wedding all week. The happy couple are getting married the 27th and we need to do an activity to raise money. We are going to do a bake sale that we are super excited about. The bishop's family is going to help us and everything is going great with that. All week we were running from one side to another, organizing all of it and trying to teach at the same time. They are such a cute couple and are super excited to get married. We are making chocolate cake and apple pie to sell. 
We are teaching another couple that is really the cutest. The husband is very fun. He had a stroke so he talks slower and walks slower but is very bright and intelligent. He always smiles when we come and loves to learn. He said that he listened to the missionaries before, but he didn't like it because they tried to pressure him to get baptized. He loves us because we haven't been pressuring him. He finally accepted to come to church this week, but when he heard that it was stake conference and he had to take a motokar to go he said it was better to go the next week. So they will be coming to church next week. His wife is super cute as well, she just looks at me and laughs. I really have no idea why. Perhaps it is because I have blonde hair and I am talking Spanish :) Haha
We had a funny experience happen. My companion and I sleep in a bunkbed and we were going to go to sleep. I think it was Saturday night when I was climbing the bed and my companion was teasing me and grabbed my ankle. I jumped with my knee on the bed and suddenly the boards that held my mattress up fell on my companion's bed. It's funny because we were just joking around about on the RM movie when the big Tongan guy falls on the returned missionary. The good news is that my companion wasn't sleeping and the boards didn't fall on her head. Haha, but now I don't trust the bed. I am not sleeping on top. Luckily we have extra beds in our house so I am sleeping on the floor with a mattress. That was an adventure. :) 
Things are going well! Iquitos is super rainy and sunny at the same time. :) 
I hope everyone has an amazing week! I love you.
Hermana Larsen


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