Monday, July 7, 2014

Llorando... and Cumpliaños!‏

Confession time for mom.  I didn't post last weeks message so today
is bonus day! Check it out!
 We went to these cool park things where we could almost see all of Moyobamba and we got to sit by the river for a bit, it was nice and calming :)
June 30, 2014
Buenas días!
Whoa, what a week. Almost every person that we taught was crying, it
was cool because every person, we found them in the perfect timing.
But it was interesting because every time we found a new person or went
and taught someone they ended up crying. We have been finding a lot of
cool people. And the branch here is awesome. They are all so willing
to help 
Moyobamba is cold! I sleep with a jacket and socks. I think I was a
little too accustomed to the hot weather in Iquitos. But the other day
it was the worst. We were walking and it started to rain, and not just
a little bit, but A LOT. And it was cold, we got soaked and had to go
back to our house and change. It was freezing. I almost felt like I
was back in Utah.
We have found this last week that there are a ton of less active members in
our area. We have been a little stressed out about it because many of them have 
a lot of forgiving to do.
We are getting to know a lot more of our area and we are finding a
lot more people. It’s been a different change but fun!
Have an amazing week! 

Hermana Larsen
July 7, 2014
Well, it was quite the week, we started out with a birthday!
One of the hermanas that we live with, it was her birthday and her
companion is the sister leader and on her birthday her companion had
to go to Iquitos for a meeting with all the leaders so we were in a
trio with her and we did something special for her at night. We didn't
have a lot of money so we improvised. We made carmel popcorn and this
pastry thing and put a candle in the popcorn and we sang to her. It
was fun :) Also when the hermana that is a sister leader returned she
decided that she wanted to do a work visit so we switched companions,
I went with her companion in her area and my companion went with the
sister leader. It was fun, I got to know another area. We walked
through rivers and got to be in the jungle!! :) Sometimes I am walking
and can't believe that I am in Peru in the Amazon jungle. AH!
The branch here is awesome. They are always here to help. The
president and his wife are awesome. The presidents wife is going to
start giving us dinner at night and we are excited because their
family is fun and we always feel at home when we go to their house.
We are finding more people to teach and still have a lot of people
planned for this week to teach. We have a good feeling about this week
and we feel that things are picking up for the area.
Oh, funny thing this last week, we were teaching a less active family
and we were trying to get them to understand that without the husband
or without the wife or without the kids, their family isn't complete.
And my companion was doing an example and suddenly a peanut butter
sandwich popped into my head. Yup, peanut butter and jelly. But they
don't have those here, at all. So I started to explain that in the USA
we have these sandwiches and then I said but without the peanut
butter it isn't the same and without the bread and so on and so forth.
And then I explained that the husband is the peanut butter and the wife is the
jelly and the bread is the kids. I was laughing at myself after the
lesson. But they understood and it worked out :)
Woo!! Well, have an amazing week. :)
Happy late 4th of july!!! :)

Hermana Larsen

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