Monday, July 21, 2014

Cambio en clima‏

Buen día!
This week we started out with P-day and we went exploring through caves! It was so much fun! We had to wear these helmets for light and wear boots because it had a ton of water in the caves. We also had to go through all these little small spaces. It was quite interesting and so much fun. J I am attaching some pictures. There were people falling in the water, people slipping... it was quite the adventure.
When we returned home I had a sore throat. Yup, I got a cold this last week, with a fever and everything. And it is always funny when you get a cold in the jungle because people always think it is because you got wet in the rain or something else like that. But also we are shaking hands all day with people who have colds and we are kissing women on the cheeks who have colds too. So I think that has something to do with it as well J But it is always funny because they always tell me when I am sick that it is ‘the change in climate’ (cambio en clima). But I am feeling a ton better now.
This last week we worked hard to find new people and we found this old man and his wife that are so cute. The old man had an accident 4 years ago and is in a wheelchair, he can’t talk very well and can’t hear, and he doesn’t understand things very well either. But he is so cute. We are trying to find simple ways to teach him. We taught him about baptism and I felt like he understood. I asked him why he wanted to get baptized and he was like ‘I don’t know’ haha. We are going to work with him J They are a super cute couple.
Well this week we get to see how my companion is. The last few days she hasn’t been able to walk on her foot, her foot is super swollen. So we will be going to the clinic soon to see what’s up.
I am still adjusting to how cold it gets here. I think I was just way to used to the heat in Iquitos and now it just feels like it’s freezing here. I don’t want to think about my first winter back in Utah J
But everyone have an amazing week, I love you all J
Hermana Larsen


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