Monday, July 14, 2014


What a week! This last week was crazy busy. We did a ton. We started
out the week with service on Wednesday and we went to go help a sister
weed her lawn. We used our machetes, it was pretty fun. But we were
talking with her and she has this door that divides her house and if
it shuts we can’t get out of the house unless we climb this wall.
Well, guess what, this door shut. So the sister was like, hey we can’t
get out unless we climb this wall. So being me…I climbed the wall… 
It was fun but when I got up I didn’t know how to get down, and then
her son that is 6 years old walked through the door returning home
from school, and he looked up and was like ‘¿Qué estas haciendo?’
(what are you doing?) he is adorable. So he opened the door for his
mom and I risked my life and jumped off. I lived. 
We also had interviews this last week with the president. They went
well. We also had our talent show with the two branches that are in
Moyobamba. It was fun, the four missionaries and four sisters that we
have in the branches, we did a number, we can’t dance so we were
creative. We took mini dresses and shoes and we had our companion put
her arms through the arm holes of the dress and my hands were in the
bottom of the dress with the shoes and then it looked like we were
these mini people dancing. I have a video but I didn’t get pictures, I
tried…but it was pretty funny 
There are also a ton of adventistas here. I don’t know how to say
adventista in english but that is the religión that believes that
Saturday is the sabbath day. There are a lot. And we ran into alot
this last week. And they always want to fight with us. But that is
when my studying comes into place. I got to use a lot of my knowledge
from the bible this last week.
I read a cool article this last week about being perfect in Christ.
And how there are a lot of people that think that we need to do
everything completely perfect and if they don’t do it that way they
get discouraged or sad but this article was saying that we shouldn’t
do that because what Christ did for us wasn’t so that we could do
everything competely perfect but so that we could have the perfect
experiences of repentance and being at one with him. Just thought I
would share a Little bit of revelation that I recieved this week.
Woo, today we are going to go to these caves. I’m going to take a lot
of pictures. I’m excited. Have a wonderful week. Remember who you are.

Hermana Larsen

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