Monday, June 23, 2014


I got transferred!!! Yup, last week I got transferred to a whole
different part of my mission. I got transferred to a place called
Moyobamba and I am in the area Belen 2. My companion is Hermana
Resanovich, she is from Argentina. She is awesome and works really
hard, she has the same time in the mission as Hermana Zambrano, my
other companion, that I miss a ton! It was so sad to leave my other
area. That day we went around to visit everyone and say bye and it was
really hard. Then I had my flight the next day.....and I accidently
missed my flight. Haha, funny right? Yeah, what happened, is that we
were with another missionary and we left our bags in the offices and
we went to go get them at 4 and we needed to be at the airport at
5:30. Well, we got to the offices and they were locked. We couldn't
get our bags! So we called people to come and open the offices and
they didn't come until 5! And it normally is a half hour motokar ride,
and we ended up missing our flight. So we got to stay in Iquitos until
Thursday! I got to work in another area in Iquitos for a couple days.
It was good. But then I finally got to Moyobamba. We had to go on a
flight to Tarapoto and then drive in a car for 2 hours to Moyobamba.
And it is awesome here! It is cold! Like, not Utah cold...But it's
definitely colder than Iquitos. We have to wear a jacket at night. And
I always have to wear socks around the house at night and in the
morning. We live with another pair of missionaries in a barbie house.
Like, the whole house is pink, for real :) But, I think what the
hardest thing is right now is that we are opening an area. And we
don't know our area at all! And the area book when we got there didn't
have anything. So we have been kind of stressed out.
But we have a lot of plans this week to work and get this area going.
I am in a branch now, not a ward, so it is definitely different. But I
am excited to take on this new challenge.
Hermana Larsen

















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