Thursday, June 5, 2014


We walked a ton this week! We walked all over our area 4 times probably. We didn't really have money that we could spend to take motokars, so we walked a lot. We were pretty sore during the week because we need to walk pretty fast so that we can get to our appointments on time.
This week we taught a lady that is going to get baptized the 21st. She told us about her son whom  she gives him money to for the bus when he leaves for school. He secretly saves it so that when they don't have money for food he can give it to his mom so they can eat that day. These kids here are seriously amazing.
We are teaching a 17 year old girl with less active parents. She is getting baptized this Saturday. She is so sweet and cute. Her name is Clara. She is so excited. She has been a miracle for her family, literally. She was the one that kept asking her parents if they could go to church because she wanted to see what it was like. And that's when we came in the picture because they live right in front of one of our recent converts, the family that we married. Clara would always say to them that she wanted to go to church and then our recent convert told us and now we are assisting her family in returning back to church and assisting their kids in getting baptized. They are amazing. The kids are so well behaved. They just sit there and listen and are super interested ALL the time. Thanks to mom I could give them little stickers that say I am a child of God in Spanish:)
We are also going to have another baptism this Saturday for a woman named Norma. She has been taught by missionaries for YEARS but never wanted to get baptized because she wanted to be sure. And she always says that baptism is not a game and that she has to feel the desire in her heart. So, one day we went to her house to teach her and she suddenly went out and said 'I feel it and I want to get baptized either this Sunday or the next' We couldn't believe it.
We went Saturday to teach this a man whose wife isn't a member and neither are his kids. We got teach them for the first time and they are so sweet. He started to tell us how he wanted to serve a mission but he ended up not going.  We started to talk and he started to tell us that he used to be a nurse and that he was very successful in his profession and then all of his family got super sick and they spent all their money because he couldn't work. Then one night he was looking out his door outside late at like 8 at night and he saw us walking outside. He thought to himself  'it's pretty late'. And then he suddenly got a huge feeling in his heart. He said he went to go pray and at that point he decided things were going to change and the next day he found work. :) What is cool about this story is that we are never thinking about those things when we are walking. We are just thinking about the next visit we need to make and what we are going to teach. But it's amazing the impression that we make on people and what a simple smile can do.


Hope you guys have an amazing week!
Hermana Larsen

This is a picture of mamay, the delicious fruit I talked about picking last week.

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