Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Villa Selva‏

We started out this week good. We went and visited this less active member's house where the dad isn’t a member. The son is 17 years old and wanted to serve a mission but the dad doesn’t really understand why he wants to and just put him in school instead and now he thinks he can’t go because he needs to study. It was one of those lessons that just reminded me of how blessed I am and how much I love my mission and how I am so so grateful that I chose to come out here. Even though sometimes it’s tough and we get sick and are tired. The impact that we are making and the results we see are so worth it.
We explored a whole new part of our area this last week, it’s called Villa Selva. And we have never ever taught in this part of our area before because our area is so huge that if we don’t have references in a certain part we don’t really go there. But we found this list of less actives and a lot of them live in Villa Selva, so we took Friday and Saturday morning and decided to go explore our area. It was awesome. We found a truck load of less active members. And every lesson just seemed to be the perfect timing and what those people needed in that moment. And then the next morning we were walking, looking for one of the less actives and we saw a part of the river (yes the Amazon River) and there were these houses that were built on it and there was this little walk way you could walk on and we felt that we should walk that way. And we found the coolest couple, they were so so sweet J She told us that they have to change the house every 6 months because the Amazon River rises into their house so they go live in a different part of Iquitos until the river goes down and isn’t in their house. They thought it was so cute when I talked; they were like `so cute to see a gringa speaking Spanish’ Haha J That happens a lot.
My companion and I talked in Sacrament meeting again; they love to tell us about 5 minutes before the meeting starts that we have a talk. But this was probably my 5th time and probably the best, I just felt the words coming to me the fastest and the spirit a lot more. J
Today my companion and I decided to wake up and climb a tree. We absolutely love this fruit named mamay. It is red and on the inside it is bright white. And it smells like roses and is super sweet and juicy. And there are trees everywhere so this morning we climbed the tree and got a ton of the fruit for the week. It was awesome J
Well, Nothing much else to report. Still living the dream J Hope you all have an amazing week! J

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