Monday, May 5, 2014

El aro‏

What a week! I don't have a ton of time so this may be a short one. But things are going good, we had a baptism this last week, she is a single mom and she has three kids. Her job isn't very good and there are many times when they go without eating. But the whole time that we have been teaching her it has been pretty funny because she has this fear of the movie 'the ring' and here the baptism clothes are a little different. They look like these little square white dresses. So she was scared to wear it because it reminded her of that. But we got her to her baptism and she was in her regular clothes and I told her it was time to change into her baptism clothes and she said 'no, I wanted to get baptized in my casual clothes' but then we finally convinved her to get changed and she would NOT look at herself in the mirror at all. Then, I said we were going to go back into the room and listen to the messages and she started to have an anxiety attack, she was scared to death. So a member who is a returned missionary came and said that he would help her, so he took her into a room with her kids and started to teach her for like 30 minutes and she came out, and she kept her eyes closed the whole time. Even when she got baptized. It was funny because before she got baptized she was really persistent on having the bishop baptize her so we made sure that the bishop would be there but then she had her eyes closed the whole time and she asked us afterwards if the bishop baptized her. Haha it was quite the experience :) 
This last week was really good, we have a lot of people who are progressing, I just love everyone here so much, I love the ward, I love our investigators, everyone is awesome. Today we have transfers and we are crossing our fingers hard that we don't get transferred. I don't have a lot of tme, but I love you all!

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