Monday, April 28, 2014


This week, well, to start it off we probably have the coolest guy that we are teaching that is going to get married and baptized on the 19th. He is a motokarista and he is one of those dream investigators, I have talked about him a lot in emails. He was the one that told us that he was convinced; well this guy was baptized in the Catholic Church when he was a little kid and never knew if it was a sin to get baptized again. And it is so awesome to see him now, because he is so excited to get married and baptized, and whenever we are there visiting them we just feel like we are home, they are the sweetest family and they are always so welcoming, they always want to give us some new fruit or food of the jungle. J But we are organizing an activity for them to get money for their wedding. We are doing a cookout thing of cow hearts. And you would be surprised but it is really really good J
This last week we had some cool experiences. We went and did service!! We went to another area that is a little deeper in the jungle and this family was making a chimney thing to make bread so we were helping build that, but in the process, we got to do some dirty work. There was this big pile of red dirt and what you have to do it get it wet and then smash around in it in your BARE FEET! It was awesome. We just smashed around in the red dirt for three hours, my companion and I. All the elders laughed at us, but it was fun, then the last hour the elders ended up wanting to do it too. Ha, it was fun. J I am going to send pictures.
We also had a pretty crazy lesson this last week. We went and visited one of our investigators and she has a daughter that is a member, but is a less active, well actually not active at all. And we started to teach them about the Book of Mormon and she was SUPER defensive. She said she had a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon and that she didn’t feel the same when she read the BOM like she did when she read the bible. And we listened but then it got into one of those lessons where she just wanted proof and she kept asking us for proof on everything in the church and whenever we would talk she would just talk over us. It was kind of a hard lesson, but what we know is we shouldn’t have to prove everything; the real converts are going to be the ones that feel it and trust. J
We had a really really cool lesson though with a less active and her family, in their family the little brother died, he was only 18 years old and was preparing to go on a mission and he got killed. And they all decided to return back to church. But the mom is having a really difficult time. Because it was her only son, she has 8 other girls. But we were teaching her and we started to talk about the plan of salvation and I got the feeling to share a scripture. I shared it and it was like the spirit came in with a huge bat! It was so strong and she was crying and we were all crying. Her son was definitely in the room with her.
We had another cool experience like that. The sister of our pensionista, her really good friend, died in an accident on the Amazon River. And she is not a member, but she came to us and asked us to do a prayer with her. So we kneeled down in our room and prayed with her. When we were praying, I just could feel this really bright light and I felt like we were floating. Oh the experiences you have on a mission. I could keep going for forever, but I don’t have that much time.
Remember to smile. J I’m in the jungle! J
Hermana Larsen


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