Monday, April 21, 2014

Pescadores de hombres y no de pescados‏

Buenos Dias!
Whoa. This week was awesome. It all started with a ride on the bus and
we were riding on the bus to one of our visits that were out of our
area, and normally its 1.50 soles. So I gave the guy a five. And he
wasn’t giving me change. Pause on the story for just one minute, the
people here in motokars and buses think that I am dumb. Because I am a
gringa, I have blonde hair and can’t talk Spanish perfectly. So to
continue on with the story, he just looked at me and I was like I need
3.50 back, but he kept acting like he didn’t understand me. And I
started to get a little irritated but I was still being nice and was
asking for my money. And suddenly a lady started to yell at him saying
things like ‘she knows, she understands, she gave you five and you
need to give her 3.50. It was awesome, the lady was so mad. And so the
guy ended up giving me my change.  God works in mysterious ways 
Also this last week was kind of terrible at the beginning we decided
as a companionship to fast for our area. So we started our fast
Saturday, we were not finding anyone in their house, like no one ALL
day. But we weren’t gonna let that get us down. We went to bed
Saturday night with the thought that Sunday is gonna be a new day. We
went out early to go get investigators for church. And we had a lady
show up to church that we taught her once and she talked about how we
had to keep teaching her so that we could get the dark spirits out of
her body. Ha  She is awesome she is 60 years old. We also had this
guy that his wife is a less active and he has been investigating the
church for 2 months now and now he finally attended church with his
wife! We were so excited! But after church we went to the guy’s house
to talk to him and ask him how church went. And even before we said
the opening prayer he was saying ‘I’m convinced, I want to get married
and baptized’ The feeling in this house when he was telling us this
was amazing.  I will never forget it. But it was awesome, they are
going to get married and he is going to baptized the 3rd of May! Then
we went to the other investigators house and she was talking to her
granddaughter on the phone and she was talking and was like ‘I was
thinking of getting baptized, so you need to come visit.’ It was
awesome. So, she is getting baptized on the 3rd too! We also had a
pretty cool lesson with a lady who came to church she is interesting.
We were teaching her and it was one of those lessons that we weren’t
talking but the spirit was. And we asked her to be baptized and she
was like ‘well, I don’t want to just get baptized because it’s the
true church’…………Yeah, we are working with her. 
I just wanna say that fasting works! I feel so grateful right now and
so excited for these people that I have come to know here. Now we got
a lot of work to do with organizing a wedding and making these
baptisms happen  Bring it on.
One last thing, we were teaching a recent convert, the one that we got
married and baptized and he was praying and he said ‘please bless the
sisters that they will be fishers of men and not of fishes’ we could
not stop laughing. Because he was completely serious, so remember
ladies to be fishers of men and not of fishes. 
Hermana Larsen

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