Monday, April 7, 2014

How much time do we waste?

Woooo. This week was great, what can I say? There was this day this week with a huge strike, where the people don’t like the  way people operate the working system and all that stuff so they do this terrible strike, but with this strike, they throw glass and light things on fire and throw other things. It’s pretty crazy. So, all the leaders this week had the leader meeting, that they have every month, and since we live so close to the airport, we had to go get one of the hermanas that was coming from Pucallpa. And she slept in our house and everything. Now listen, this strike goes on for 2 days. So, the next day we had to go to the offices which are about 15 minutes away by motokar. But the motokars this day were super expensive because the roads were so bad. But we had to go to the offices, so we set off on our journey in the motokar. It was pouring rain and there was glass everywhere on the roads so we were going pretty slow so that the motokar didn’t pop a tire…yeah too late. He popped his tire 5 minutes into the ride. So we started walking for about ten minutes until we found another motokar and we finally got there to hear that we needed to turn around and go to the airport. Ha! But we made it, and we are alive J
Also, this last week we got some new investigators that are out of our area. They are deeper in the jungle but the elders can’t teach them because it is a single mom, so we get the lovely opportunity to teach this wonderful family. J The daughter is 26 years old and she has downs syndrome. She is absolutely adorable! She is barely learning how to talk and has the spirit so strong with her it is amazing. She wants to get baptized, and her mom is so strong. She has been taking care of her alone for 23 years now because her husband died when her daughter was only 3 years old. And all of her other kids live far away.  But we are pretty excited they are getting baptized this week. J
We also were walking the other day and we had this lesson with this old investigator the other week that we thought went absolutely terrible like he was trying to convince us how alcohol was natural and how we needed it to be healthy. He didn’t want to get married and all this stuff and I was just super direct and we left and we were ready to kind of drop them and maybe contact them later on until we ran into him and his wife who is a member.  He was all like ‘there was something you said.’ And he looked and us and started to tell us how he was trying to change and give up alcohol and his old life. J It was pretty awesome.
This week was so great; we had a lot of cool experiences happen. We are working so hard and I feel all of it is paying off J Conference was amazing. I loved what Elder Uchtdorf asked when he said,
"How much time do we waste by searching for rainbows when we could just thank God that there is rain?"
Thank God there is rain! J
Hermana Larsen
 This is a hammock at an investigators home. I always sit in it when I teach her and she laughs because I can't get out.
                    Outside the Lima Temple reunited with my MTC companion, Hermana Ruesch.

                                         My current companion and I are such good friends!


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