Monday, March 31, 2014


Buenos Días!
To start, I want to wish a happy birthday to my sweet momma J
This week, where to start, well when the week started we went to go teach this lady that my companion had taught when I was sick, and she kept telling me about her and how crazy she was. So we went to go teach her to see what was up. Well, I started the lesson with a question ‘what is faith?’ Well, she definitely didn’t want to talk about that, I handed her a pamphlet and she started in on telling me about how she doesn’t want to talk with us about our books and our pamphlets she just wants us to talk about what we know in our mind, what we remember. She would get up really close to us and at points I wouldn’t understand what she was saying because it definitely wasn’t with the spirit. And I would look at my companion to help me out and then the investigator went into say that I need to learn her language better. I began to explain that I had only 4 months in Iquitos and she was like ‘I know 47 languages, including English’ whoa…it was quite the lesson. It was a fun way to start out the week. Haha J
We found a lot of cool families this month that we are really excited about. Our ward is working hard with us to take care of our converts and help us reactivate the less actives in our ward. I didn’t have transfers this last transfer, I’m still in Secada!! I’m so happy , I’m going on almost 5 months in Secada.
We have this family that we are teaching that is awesome. The wife is a member and all of her family is a member as well. But her husband isn’t. So we are teaching this family, he is catholic he was baptized in the Catholic Church when he was a baby. But we were teaching The Restoration to him and I was explaining Joseph Smith and he was like ‘it’s like me, I don’t know what is true because I couldn’t make the decision to be baptized.’ And we are like, yeah! So we watched a video of it and he was excited, we challenged him to pray about it and he was like `when are you guys gonna come back? I’m gonna pray.’ Oh, they are just so awesome. J
We also taught a pretty awesome lady last night through a reference from a member, and we started the lesson and she was all about telling us that she needs help because satan is taking over her body and we need to continue visiting her because we need to help her be free of it. She is seriously so awesome. She was hilarious and part of it she was serious but I think what she really wants is just some friends, because she lives alone. We are pretty excited about her. J
This last week was awesome, we worked so hard. I love my companion; she is so sweet and full of love for all of our investigators. We get along so great and are a lot alike.
Iquitos is good, it’s been really really hot and not a lot of rain lately, people are saying it’s like Africa. Haha J
Hermana Larsen

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