Monday, March 3, 2014


Buenos Días!
This week was great, it started with our district meeting with our zone. First we had a training about having faith in Jesus Christ so the people in our zone that was training us on it did a trust fall with the elders. It was really cool, because that basically shows our faith if we have the faith that they are going to catch us then we will fall and trust that things are going to work out. It's the same with faith in real life but we also get to have actions with our faith or nothing is going to happen. We were setting our goal for the month with baptisms and weddings and all that fun stuff. And all of the goals were really high, and our goal was really high as a companionship but then our goal as a zone, we wanted it to be lower. But then we thought about, how much faith do we have? It was perfect now we have this really high goal and we are committed to finding the people that get to be in our goal this month, that deserve this :) We are excited. 
This week we worked extremely hard, walked a ton and searched a lot in our area. Because our area is really big, there were parts that we don't really teach in. But we went with some member and found shortcuts around our area and now it's a ton easier. So, we're feelin good about that :) I'm sure I told you about our investigator that like has been an investigator for like a year because we are waiting for his papers to work out so that he can get married and baptized. Well we continued to do his papers this week and we finally got his paper sent in to cancel his birth certificate so that he can get a new one. But when we went to go visit him that night he was really frustrated because he has been out of a job for almost a month now and they barely can buy food. And he couldn't find a job because his papers were all screwed up. We taught them about faith and watched a video. Another lesson where the gift of tongues was really apparent. :) Then his dad gave me a letter to read when we returned to our house. His dad knows English. So I read the letter and he told me he didn't have a job either. And that he couldn't feed his family either. It was really hard, we had no idea what to do. But we talked to our bishop Sunday after our investigator told us that he found work. It was awesome. :) We love that family so much, and I cannot wait until they finally get married :)
All the month of February is this party thing called Carnival. It comes from Rio in Brazil. They throw a ton of water balloons and drink and party and dance. Like, when we went to the clinic the beginning of this month when I was sick, we were riding in a motokar and then we saw a ton of teenagers with water balloons. Yeah, we got hit like 5 times in the motokar. Then 1 time when we were walking and 1 time while we were prosylyting. But yesterday was like the day that it was all leading up to. They get all the little statues made of these tree things and they dance around it and spray people with water. And then the person to cut down the statue has to build the next one next February for the next Carnival. But it gets pretty bad sometimes because the people sometimes get water balloons full of dirty water or urine. Or gross things like that. So, guess who couldn't go out and work last night? US! Haha, We basically just went to church and lunch and then hung out in our houses, all the missionaries in Iquitos. :) Kind of funny. 
Things are going really good, training is awesome, my compànion is the best ever. :) 
Hope the snow is going away fast for you guys so that you can feel some warmth, I wish for snow everyday. :)

Hermana Larsen


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