Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm a Mom!

Cara has been sick with dengue from mosquitos. She is better now but needs to be sure to wear mosquito repellent with deet. She passed her twelve week training course and is now an official trainer. I have added some photos of her below with her training group at their graduation.
I am so grateful for the care her mission mom, Sister Gomez and her pesionista give her. She is definitely  being watched over by angels, seen and unseen.

Hey! Finally I get to write. What can I say? I'm training, I'm a mom!
:) That's the slang here with the missionaries when you are training.
I have a daughter. And she is a gringa too. Kind of, she is from the
United States. But, her parents are Mexican, so she speaks fluent
English and fluent Spanish. She is great, she's learning really fast.
I was sick for a good amount of time this last week and couldn't work
that much, but I became really close with my pensionista because she
was my companion for a couple days when we went on divisions and I was
with her. We talked a ton and she is amazing, she is so sweet. I am so
grateful for her family and all their sweet care that they give to us.
They are so selfless and sweet. When she heard I was sick she got all
the natural remedies that she could and gave them to me. And now I am
able to work.
We are teaching this family that the father is a member and the wife
isn't and they are so sweet the mom understands everything about the
church and wants to get baptized but they have to get married, like
usual and their family lives really far away so they want to wait. But
the woman was so sweet, she is like 'but the kids can get baptized,
can't they?' So we are going to baptize their kids in march. One of
their kids attended church yesterday and she was so excited she even
wants to serve a mission! What?! Ha, it was awesome.
I think I have told you about the family that we are teaching that his
marriage papers are all over the place and he wants to get married but
we have to wait for his papers to get all organized and they can't get
married until like June. But we were teaching them the other day and
the guy can't find work because his papers are all messed up, so the
family isn't eating. They don't have money. But we are looking for
ways to help them. So keep them in your prayers :)
Iquitos is fantastic. I love my area and I love the people in my ward.
Rain Rain Rain :)
The food is delicious as usual, my porcion of rice and chicken everyday. :)
Love you all hope you guys have a great week :) Remember to wear
mosquitoe repellent!

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