Monday, February 10, 2014

Brownies! :)

Cara tells about making brownies at the end of this post and mentions including a picture of the event, however no picture came through. She has said in the past that the internet connection is slow and pictures take a while to load, so it may be that she ran out of time.

This week was probably the most stressful week that I have had. We had
a ton of problems with investigators. But it started out with the
coolest experience. My companion was a little sick, so I went
prosylyting with a member for one visit. And we went to visit the
couple that I told you guys about last week. The wife was drinking and
the husband was waitng for our visit. We arrived and I noticed she was
drunk and she sat outside while we taught her husband. He started
crying because he wants to change really bad but he thinks he can`t,
because his wife doesn't want to change. We taught him about faith and
that he gets to have faith in himself and be there for his kids. We
told him that it is his choice, no one elses. And it starts with him.
In the end of the lesson, I asked him what he was going to do, and he
said 'I'm going to have faith in myself because I can change.' I was
like YEAH! :) It was so cool. :)

Later on in the week things started to kind of get stressful. My
companion had a meeting with the leaders of the mission so I was with
another companion for a day. We went to visit one of our

investigators that is getting baptized on the 15th. She ran out and hugged
me and was really excited. But then, her dad came out and he was
drinking and was really mad. He started yelling at me, and I simply
said yeah, okay, we will leave. I did not understand a lot of what he
was saying to me. Luckily there were a lot of members around the house
so they were able to explain. But basically he was annoyed with us
teaching his daughter but apparently there were other problems
happening personally. Later on my companion started to explain to me
the reason why I couldn't unhderstand what he was saying. And I
realized when it is of the light I understand a lot more but when it's
not I don't understand anything. It's pretty cool, I think :) but now,
the dad wants to listen and learn. But from now on we are only
teaching them with members with us for our safety :)

I sure do love Iquitos. Here is definitely where I am meant to be in
this moment :)

This week I've really realized how much God watches out for His
children. We have transfers today and I'm almost positive that I won't
be with my companion and I'm ready to take on my new adventure. :)
Thank you for your prayers and your light. I feel it everyday.

Have a great week, oh and Happy Valentines Day!

Hermana Larsen

This picture was our last weekly planning together and we made brownies!! :)

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