Monday, May 19, 2014


This week was crazy, all week we spent getting ready for this wedding and baptism we had Saturday. We did go visit our recent converts the other day, the lady that has downs and her mom. We walked to their house and we heard music coming from their house and I said to my companion 'Rocita is probably dancing' and sure enough we found her dancing. And she saw me and she was like 'mi amor' (my love) she said 'come here' and we danced together, it was pretty cute. :) She is absolutely adorable.   
We had to finish the papers for the wedding that we had during the week and we had to go talk to this guy that is kind of a jerk and all the missionaries know it. So we had our appointment with him and we were talking and i didn't hear what he said and he basically said to me 'sister, you don't understand what I am saying, so I am going to talk to your companion.' I got a little mad and said 'I do understand, now please explain again.' But that is a little example of what happens a lot here. Ha :)                   
Then the day of the wedding and the baptism came, we spent all morning Saturday cleaning the chapel and then in the afternoon we spent blowing up balloons. But it was totally worth it because it was perfect. It was beautiful. It was funny because we were super clear with the couple and said to them 'you need to make sure to be at the chapel at exactly six thirty because we need to start the wedding at seven. And then they were there at seven and then the witnesses for the wedding weren't there on time so we didn't start the wedding until eight and his baptism was after. So RIGHT after they got married we went straight to the baptismal font and he got baptized it was pretty funny. But they were so happy. He told our district leader in his final interview that we were angels for his family and that we changed his life. We are so excited for them. They are seriously the most perfect family. We are so blessed to have known them :)  
We got stuck in another rain storm this last week, I know, nothing really new with that statement, but we love it when it rains because then it is not near as hot :) 
I also held another monkey this last week, it was a little baby :)
Have a wonderful week, and may all your wildest dreams come true ;) 
Hermana Larsen          

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