Monday, June 16, 2014


There is this word that everyone says here that all the North Americans learn really fast. The word is Chambon. It means like a person that is a  rulebreaker, that always plays jokes, is a tease. My companion and I use that word a lot and people always laugh at us :) I've incorporated it in English too, so that I can use it when I get home :)
This last week kind of was hard. We didn't have a lot of success in finding people. A lot of people weren't home and we ended up walking a lot to visits and finding that people weren't home to teach. But when we did have lessons, the spirit was super strong and we found that the spirit was talking and we were just the instruments.
We have learned a lot this last week about the mission life. I have learned that numbers are not everything in the mission, that we get to focus on these people because they are children of God and they deserve our full attention and us being outward focused. When we do that, miracles can happen. I love the story in Ether when the brothers of Jared are asking for help and asking God to touch the stones and light them up so that they can have light to make it through the river and they keep saying 'I know that you can do this God' and so God puts out his finger and touchs every stones one for one. And Jared sees Gods finger and sees that it is exactly like ours. I love that story because we know that God is just like us and we can create miracles with the assistance of God. We can create miracles everyday :)
My companion got pretty sick Saturday night and we couldn't go out in the morning to go pick people up for church but when we got to church we found that we had four people come to church by themselves :) it was awesome :) I love our ward and the people we have come in contact here. :)
Transfers are today and it is more than likely that I am going to get transferred and I'm pretty sad because I have made so many connections in this area. But I know that God is with me and there is a time and place and a reason for everything that happens :)

Have an amazing week. Create a miracle :)
Hermana Larsen

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