Monday, June 9, 2014



Well, we started this week off with a bang, for last pday we made homemade popcorn and decided to watch a movie, we got permission to watch 17 miracles. And if any of you have not seen that movie, WATCH IT! It is so worth it. It was pretty fun.
We have a little friend that has been hanging around our chapel lately. It is a dog. Now the chapels here have bars all around them for the safetly that people aren't going to do graffiti. The dog fits its way through the bars and just hangs out by the door until people come and then he trys to get in the chapel. We had to clean up some of his accidents when we were cleaning for our baptisms. Haha, but I think the dog has a little fondness for the missionaries, because he always follows the missionaries. But he is officially the church dog.
We had two baptisms this last Saturday and they went so well. Norma, was perfect she was super happy and was content with her decision :) Clara, the one that is 17 years old, the poor thing was super sick. She has gastritis, that is a really common disease here because of all the fried foods that they eat. But she was throwing up and she just didn't feel well at all. But she came and got baptized and she said she started to feel better but then when we went past her house in the morning she was still super sick and was throwing up. So she didn't get to church for her confirmation. So later on in the day we went to her house with the elders so that the elders could give her a blessing. We are hoping that she is feeling better. 
This last week was really good, we got a lot of good work done and are seeing a lot of cool things happen in our area and with our ward. Our convert Johnny is going to be our ward mission leader. And we are so happy for him. He is awesome. We had a really cool lesson with him and his wife the other day because he is thinking of going to Lima for work, for years. And we were explaining to him that there are many possibilities where he could be with his family and still be able to pay his bills. Because he has 2 kids under the age of 6, they need their dad. But all in all, he is going to pray about it :)
Woooo :) Time for another week. Bring it on :) 
Hermana Larsen

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