Thursday, January 2, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Hey Hey hey!
Where to start, this week almost seems like it was years. It was so great to talk to my family, can you guys believe that Christmas is already over and it is almost a new year?! AH!
Well, this week seemed like a lot of p days. Monday we had internet in the morning and then we had to stay in the city because if we paid to go back to our area we would have just had to turn around and come back, so we stayed in the city and shopped and ate at this amazing restaurant, I got to have pasta! Without rice J The next day all the people were getting ready for the dinner that night, because I don’t know if I told you guys but here, Christmas is like happy new year. They stay up until late and eat dinner at like 11 at night then when it turns midnight…FELIZ NAVIDAD! Then they stay up all night dancing and having fun oh and a lot of fireworks. We thought we wouldn’t get any sleep that night, but once we got in bed, we were dead. Haha
Christmas morning our zone went to the chapel and made French toast and hash browns! It definitely wasn’t the same as home, but it was a nice shot. But after we all talked to our families we went to the bishops house and had lunch, it was awesome. They made all of our favorite foods, it was the best, we had potatoes, chicken, ham, oh and all the gringos were really happy because they had gravy! They never have gravy here, ever. J After that we went and sang with all the missionaries in that program, that was cool, there was a ton of people and we sang English songs and Spanish, so we were all happy J
The next day, Thursday we got a reference from the elders in our zone and apparently it was way deep into our area, a part that neither of us had gone before. Because our area is huge! So we started walking and the lovely Iquitos weather took over…It started pooring rain. So for 15 minutes we sat under a hut thing and just watched the rain then found a motokar, still haven’t found the house. Haha J
I was kind of bummed this week because the couple we were going to baptize and marry, we couldn’t this week it won’t be until January 11. Because they get to pay some money and it is difficult for them right now. But hopefully I’m here for January 11 J
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Love you much!
Hermana Larsen

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