Monday, January 6, 2014

Secada 2‏

Still in Secada with Hermana Salinas! :) I'm happy because now I get my full 12 weeks of training. Plus, I absolutely love my area :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I cannot believe it 2014. My how time flies! For new years eve, it was like Christmas. No one really wanted to hear about the gospel when they were either drunk or having dinner with their family, so we went back to our room and had panetòn with hot chocolate and had dinner with our pensionista's family. It was a nice way to start the new year :)
This week we have been busy organizing weddings and baptisms and finding new people, we were really excited to find out that we can marry people for free so that our investigators that don't have the money don't have to worry about it. :) So, that means we can have two weddings this month! With baptisms, yay! :)
It's amazing in lessons lately, I can understand basically everything that is being said. And it almost seems like it happened overnight. The only thing is I get to trust myself more with what to say :)
We taught a new family this week where the father doesn't have work. We first came to teach the daughter because she was a reference as a less active. She is twelve years old and the oldest child. Everyone in her family is a member except her mom and her 9 year old brother. She was baptized less than a year ago and is a less active because her father doesn't work and she has to stay home and watch over her brothers. We were talking with her and she was telling us things like they didn't eat yesterday and that her dad can't find work. But she had that tough face on, until we told her it was okay to cry. She is so sweet. We are going to find time to visit her at least once a week.
We have another investigator who we are hoping to get baptized and married this month. The first time we taught him, my companion was awesome and taught the restauration completely from the bible and he understood everything. He said he wanted to get baptized but his work is strange and never knows when he will have to leave town to work. So in his prayer he said I know I have to work but please make it so I can get baptized in this church. It was so sweet.
The perfect people are coming into our path to teach. We are really excited about this month. It's going to be a good year, I can feel it :)
Love you all :)
Hermana Larsen

Here are some pictures from a day in the rain.

This is FELIZ CUMPLIAÑOS! to my brother Steven!

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