Monday, January 13, 2014

Inferma Inferma...

Well this week, I was sick, again. This month is all rain, everyday.
So, in result of that I got a bad sinus infection. But I’m doing a ton
This week we spent a ton of time working on papers for weddings,
waited in line for two hours. Then….
Our investigator that is getting ready to be baptized and married broke the
news to us that they wanted to get baptized and married on February
22. WHAT?! One of us might not be here! Because transfers are February
10.They want to because then their kids from Lima can be there, yeah
that is a good reason but, we all wanna be there!  We told him to pray about

 it and I guess we will go from there.
We have been finding a lot of cool new families that wanna hear about
the gospel.
This week I have been extremely grateful for the members who are so
willing to help out. All the members wanna help with the work and
visiting people. It is awesome. 
As I was sick this week my companion made me not work yesterday. I
was with a member in my room and my companion went with another member
to work. Wendy, the member I was with, and I just watched church
movies and talked yesterday.
I wish I had more to tell you guys this week. Things are good, God
really does watch over his missionaries. Especially when they are
sick, and his angels are always with them.

Hermana Larsen

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