Monday, January 27, 2014

¿Josè Smith estaba un gringo?

Aloha Utah!
This week, what a blur it feels like. To start off, one big thing that
I learned this week is that Latinos in the church have a ton of faith.
My companion expressed to me this week how difficult it is sometimes
for Latinos to believe in Joseph Smith because its this gringo in the
US. And I never thought about that. We had our investigator this week
who was ready to get married and baptized and he was questioning it
because he didn’t understand Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. And
it just made me realize how much faith the people have here. Perù is
ready to hear the gospel because they have the faith to believe. It’s
pretty awesome.
We had divisions this week because my companion had to visit the work
of other Hermanas in our mission, so I was with another Hermana in my
area while my companion was with the companion of the other in the
other area for a day. It went really well. There’s a lot more stress
when you are the senior companion.  Phew! But, I did it! And then
the next day we had a wedding and three baptisms! The wedding was
great, Ladislao just wanted to keep his shades on the whole time. It
was so funny, he sat through the whole thing with his shades and his
hat on and then took his shades and hat off for pictures. He seriously
is so funny. The coolest thing is that he was a contact and almost
never do people who are contacts get baptized. Normally it is
references, but he and his wife are the exception. They always say how
it was the perfect time and that we were meant to knock on their door.

 I’m really happy for them.
So, it is officially the rainy season until May. Rains pretty much
everyday and there was even a day in the last week where we wore our
boots to church.  Everyone loved my yellow rain boots.
But, yeah, everything is going really good, I can feel the time going
by faster and faster as I stay in the moment and enjoy what I get to
do here.  And as I connect with people here I realize that my area seriously has
the best people and the best ward. Our bishop is always willing to
help and the members like to make fun of us gringos in a loving way
always. I wouldn’t mind staying in my area my whole mission 
Share a smile with someone today. Cheesy, I know :)
Hermana Larsen
Oh the photos, one photo is of me.
The other is with the boy of one of our investigators in his motokar
with my companion.

Going to church in my boots!

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