Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Planiton y Chocolate Caliente‏

Cara sent this on Monday. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Navidad is in 2 days! J I bet there is a ton of snow and is freezing there. I’m sure all the missionaries here would kill for that kind of weather right now. It is the rainy season but it hasn’t rained here in about 5 days. It’s extremely hot.
This week has been good, we had a baptism, a boy that is 14 years old, he is the brother of the woman that got baptized my first week here. When we first started teaching him he always looked so sad, he cried like our first lesson because he was having problems with him mom. (don’t we all have problems with our mom at that age?) haha  I love you mom. But he got baptized this last Saturday and has made a ton of new friends in the ward, now when I see him he looks a ton happier.
We also have been working on getting this couple married and baptized. Remember that chirapa guy I talked about. Yeah, him and his wife are getting married and baptized this week! J We were able to work with their papers and get it approved. So, they are getting married on Friday and baptized Saturday. Here it’s really hard for North Americans or gringos as everyone likes to call us. Because we always want to teach in great detail and be really direct because we have grown up with the gospel our whole life. But these people here don’t get that, so we have to be really simple with the way we teach and teach a lot from the bible the first few lessons. It’s actually kind of nice but kind of a hard concept to grasp. Haha J
It’s been kind of stressful this week because I get to learn a lot of stuff before cambios in a week just in case I have to train or get sent to a different place, but my companion is assisting me and I can feel myself learning faster and faster.
I'm starting to already miss Christmas in Utah. It's weird to think it is Christmas time because it is so hot and humid here, no snow? What is this?
Esepcially when I hear that is negative 14 there! Wow! People here like to have fruit cake and hot chocolate on christmas like normal, but hot chocolate in this heat? No thank you. Although, it's really good, they make it from the coco plant, it's delicous.
Anyway, not much else to tell! I love you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas! :)

Hermana Larsen

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