Monday, December 9, 2013

Juvia, juvia, juvia‏

Hola J
This week has been crazy busy, I’m learning spanish a Little more each day, it’s quite slow though, poco el poco.
This week Hermana Salinas had a meeting with the leaders in the mission all day, so I got to go to another area with a different companion for the day. And we got stuck in the huge rain storm, like huge, we were soaked, and had to go to higher ground because the streets were flooding. It was a joyful experience. I also got to hold a monkey! After we taught this couple they let me hold their monkey, oh my goodness. So cute J That’s getting to be pretty normal now. Last night, we had another huge rainstorm and it went into the morning, it’s so strong that it wakes you up during the night.
My companion has been super stressed because we don’t have very many new investigators and not very many dates for baptisms. Pero, yo tengo fe. J
Lessons have been going good, I’m starting to understand people better and better each day.
Last night we went to the stake center and watched the Christmas devotional live from the conference center, the North Americans got to watch it in ENGLISH! It was another joyful experience. J
Iquitos is good, the food is good, lots of rice, lots of beans, the normal. J
Haha, the elders had a baptism Saturday and we went and the 13 year old boy that was getting baptized got a haircut that day, he walked into the church and bam! Mohawk J it was awesome.
Today we are going to Quista Cocha to eat suri….grubs….buena suerte Hermana Larsen
I don’t have much else to tell you guys. J
Love you all
Hermana Larsen


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