Monday, December 16, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

Later in the day after getting this letter Cara called to let us know she will be able to Skype us on Christmas. Yipee!

Oh my, what a week. It started with me being sick with an enormous fever at the end of p day last week, went to the doctor, and it was from the water...dumb bugs. I'm a lot better, the mission is just cracking down on what water we get and drink. Hermana Gòmez is making sure we use our filter water bottles and everything, so no worries :) But basically we didn't work at all Tuesday, Wednesday we did and then my companion got sick with the same thing that night, so no work Thursday, and she still is not feeling that great.
So, Sunday, I had to speak in sacrament meeting, I was freaking out to say the least, but I did it :) It was really short, but I think it made the ward warm up to me a little bit more, so that they know that I know a little bit of Spanish :) During the meeting we had a recent convert come to church and her dog followed her to church, now in Iquitos it is normal for dogs to just walk in the chapel, because dogs are everywhere in Pèru just scrounging for food and everything, but this one would not get out of the chapel, she kept leading it out and then she shut the doors so that he wouldn't come back in but he found a way and suddenly you saw him come in the chapel again, all of the missionaries could not stop laughing. :)
I've realized it's been a real blessing sometimes to not know the language, it has made me really pay attention to body language and peoples eyes. You can tell a lot when words don't get in the way, you can tell how a person is feeling and what they need. It's pretty cool :)
So Christmas is coming! Jingle Bells! Feliz Navidad!
I think we have three things that we are singing in for Christmas, one is with our stake where we are singing in this choir, another is with our ward where we get fruitcake and hot chocolate! :) and the other is with all the missionaries in Iquitos area on Christmas. Practicing for these takes up pretty much all of our time.
Cambios is coming up on the 30th and my companion and I might be split, but we don't know what exactly is going to happen. Crazy how fast time is flying! :)
Merry Christmas! :)

ALSO!! I ate suri!, I ate a worm. It was disgusting, but it apparently is tradition that when you get to the mission in iquitos you eat suri, well, I did it. I don't think I'll do it again. I have a video but it won't let me send it over email. :)

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