Sunday, November 3, 2013

Toda Dia Cada Dia‏

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! So...I got the whole first vision memorized... in SPANISH!! Go me! :) I can successfully recite it in lessons now. :) I wanna say this week has been boring but it really hasn't something funny has happened everyday but I just have to remember to write it down so I can remember to write it in the email.
So our district is singing in sacrament meeting on Sunday and it is very exciting when we practice, we are the most impatient, funny, ADD group of people. It's ridiculous. Haha :) We are probably singing Abide With Me Tis Even Tide in spanish and english. We really need some more practice first though. All the people that came the two weeks before us are leaving tomorrow morning, so that means guess who is the oldies in the CCM tomorrow?! US!
Oh... and guess who became a sister leader today? Me :) Hermana Ruesch and I are now the sister leaders of the hermanas in the CCM. :)
Hermana Ruesch and I taught a lesson to our district Sunday about Christlike attributes, it was actually really cool to see our district get all spriritual and was different, that's for sure. But very good, who would have known we have such big testimonies.
Hermana Ruesch and I have this little problem during personal study, we sit out in the sun and study then we go lay on the grass and suddenly, I don't know how it happens...but we fall asleep! I fell asleep for a good hour yesterday. It was amazing. Best. Nap. Ever. I am an awesome missionary.
Oh, funny story. Last week when the newbies came, that night we were going to take showers and suddenly people were screaming, and it was loud! They ran out of the bathroom and were yelling that the water was scalding hot! And then it just stopped. I mean the water was completely gone. No water was working, we couldn't use the bathroom, we couldn't get water, nothing. So we had to walk downstairs in our pjs to find a toilet that wasn't already used...nasty, I know. It was an interesting night. Luckily, it is fixed now. Good news :)
Yesterday we went to immigration so that I could really go to Iquitos. So we all fit into this mini van and the driver turned on music! Maroon 5 came on and if you know me, I was stoked, totally jammed to Sunday Morning, with my sister missionary plaque and all :) Yes, MUSIC!!! We were so excited! We all jammed out..and most of it wasn't even music that we really liked but we all hadn't heard music in so long that we were loving it. We are not allowed to listen to any music in the CCM while we are here so all of us are randomly singing songs that just ´pop into our head! Yesterday I was singing the grinch. It was Halloween! :) Also, yesterday at immigration a man came up to us and was sincerely interested in how to become a member of the church, he asked how he could get baptized! What?! Crazy! So we gave him pamphets and I taught in spanish, no big deal :) Oh...And the gift of tongues is very real. I've experienced it.
The mail here is very delayed just so everyone knows. It varies. Some people have gotten it fast and others just got mail yesterday that was sent on the 10th so...yeah.
Oh my, I miss Cache Valley and I miss everyone, but I love it here so much. It has defitnitely hit me this week that I will be in Iquitos in 2 and a half weeks and I feel like I know NOTHING. And I just keep thinking...BRING IT ON! I got this. Whenever I mention that I am going to Iquitos to any of the Latinos this is their reaction..'mucho calor!' Very hot and you eat weird things. :) Yeah!
I love you all so much!
Hermana Larsen

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