Sunday, November 3, 2013

Qué no mundo!

Long time, no talk. It feels like years since I've talked to you guys. Let´s just start, so my district is finally getting down my sarcasm...kind of.:) My sweet roommate Hermana Monchego has this constant quote she said, you might have heard of it...'asta lavista baby!' everytime we went to bed, everytime we did anything. She is adorable. She was slowly learning english, she learned how to say 'you are crazy' she would say it to me constantly. She left to her mission along with all our other latina roommates tuesday. Now we have three american roommates...pft! Haha, they're nice :)
It's earthquake season here...we have felt two during the night. it's pretty fun. :) the elders completely sleep through all of them and the hermanas are always talking about them the next day.
It's interesting here at the CCM, and being on a mission, you can go from being extremely happy and excited to completely frustrated with yourself and others in a blink of an eye. Hormones. No, everyone feels that way, but we all kind of lean on each other.
The showers here are the best though. They are seriously so bipolar. It will start out wonderful, nice and warm, then suddenly start scalding your skin, then goes freezing cold. The best part is that those will probably be the best showers I will have on my mission, so awesome! :)
The Peruvian sun is extremely strong. Hermana Ruesch and I do our personal study outside and we will sit on the step things and we sat there for ten minutes and I was burnt...I don't mean like tan, I mean burnt. I've already gotten pretty tan just from being out in personal study.
The big story is though that we went out proselyting for the first time in the real Peruvian world! We went to the ghetto. I was with an american companion, a teacher who knew a farely good amount of english and was fluent in spanish and also a member who did not know any english. It was amazing, so we were pushed to speak a lot of spanish, I bore my testimony like 5 times and prayed twice. It was amazing. We read a scripture to a lady and we asked her how she felt afterwards and she started to cry! She started to spout off something really fast in spanish and I just kept asking our teacher what she was saying.. he translated the whole time, basically she had a sick aunt that was dying and how she needed to be strong for her and how that scripture really helped. It was pretty much awesome. :) Every woman in Peru greets women with a kiss on the cheek, gladly! They go out of their way to greet you that way and say goodbye that way. Going into people´s houses was insane though. They were terrible, so small, so dirty, America is spoiled.
Oh! And before we went out prosylyting the teachers were trying to get us all pumped and make sure that we knew that we could do this, I think they could see in our faces that we were freaking out. So we were in our spanish class and suddenly these adorable kids probably 1st or 2nd grade come in and the boys shook the hermanas hands and the girls came and greeted us with a kiss. They were a primary class that wanted to come visit the missionaries. The girls told us that they wanted to be hermanas just like us. It made me cry. They were so sweet. It definitely did some inspiration for our district.
It's crazy the differences here, there are bars on the churches and bars on the temple. We are so blessed.
Today we went to the temple again. We went with just our district this time. It was so much fun.
I love you all so much. I can feel all your prayers.
Buenas Tardes!
Hermana Larsen

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