Sunday, November 17, 2013

Buena Suerte Hermana Larsen‏

Five days and counting...I will be in Iquitos in FIVE days! :) We are all freaking out, time is moving so much faster...rapido rapido!
We have this amazing teacher at night who is just hilarious, he can speak pretty good English but he speaks as little English as possible so that we get the hang of ONLY Spanish. Every night we go and practice teaching on other districts that pretend to be investigators and the other night, it was so cool, we came in and were sitting in our classroom and he looked and us and in perfect English he said.'you are angels' 'you can create miracles' He is seriously the best teacher I could ask for. He is so powerful in everything he does.
Our other teacher in the morning told us a story the other day and I get to share it with you guys. A missionary at the CCM many years ago came on the first day and was loving every minute, he was excited ready to learn Spanish, then the next week he went to the president and said 'I can't do it, Spanish is too difficult and I want to go home.' the president tried to convince him to stay but he refused. So the president said His flight was Monday and that he still had to go proselyting Saturday. The missionary was so excited that he got to go home. When he went proselyting he didn't get into it at all. He was silent and just went through the motions. Then they came to one house and they came in and the missionary suddenly had a feeling to talk. He opened his mouth and spoke fluent Spanish, right then and there. The old man that he was teaching had a third chair sat out when there were only two elders. The elders said that is was just them two and the old man said no. He said 'when I opened the door I saw a man in a white robe in the middle of you' Now when my teacher was telling us this story he told all of it in Spanish until he got to the last was probably one of the coolest moments ever. :)
We had a 'real' investigator come to the CCM the other day. Our teacher ran in and said we had a person who was interested in the church that were friends of the maestros and we were so excited! 'we're gonna teach a real investigator' well the guy came in and he was from LasVegas, spoke fluent English and Spanish. So we were pretty suspicious. We taught him as a class, that was pretty cool. Then after he left we asked our teacher where he served his mission. And he was like 'I promise I didn't know, I really thought he was a real investigator.' PFT! Ha ha it was pretty funny, I guess he served his mission in Lima Central :) And was visiting with his girlfriend.
We are going proselyting again this Saturday, our last time before going out in the field, CRAZY!
Guess who is coming tomorrow to the CCM? Elder Nielson...The apostle. We are all really excited, my next letter, I'm gonna have a lot to tell you!
Sister leader is good, mostly just making sure that not all the sisters get extremely overwhelmed and go home. Haha :)
Spanish is picking up, I'll get there someday, maybe sooner than I think :)
I love you all so much.
Hermana Larsen

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