Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mucho Mucho‏

We got a surprise call from Cara as she waited at the airport in Lima the day she flew out. Her flight had returned because of fog and she was expecting to wait four plus hours. It was really good to talk to her. The next time we heard from her was this past Monday when she wrote the following:

Mi familia!
So much has happened since the last time we talked! I’m in Iquitos! I mean like I’m actually here. We finally got here after the hectic airport trauma, we arrived around 8 at night. We got to the mission home and ate, got our new companions, got assigned to our areas and then were off. My new companion is Hermana Salinas, she is from Paraguay and is very…strict? But I love her, she is cute and is very sweet, she is learning English. Hermana Ruesch was off to Tarapoto the next day, I was sad to see her go. We drove in motokars the first night we were there to our apartment, they are so much fun, it basically is just a guy drivng a motorcycle and there is this little carriage thing in the back for people to ride, we ride in those a ton! You haven’t lived until you have rode in one of those in the pooring Amazonian rain. J The first couple of days have been full of me being overwhelmed with the language and many busy things to do. My companion is the sister leader of the hermanas and so she has a ton of stuff to do all the time, this last week though we had a wedding and three baptisms. So we were running all over the place.
Everything I learned in CCM, language wise, I feel has went out the door and I’m starting from scratch. But I’m understanding more and more each day. My companion is extremely patient with me. Iquitos is gorgeous, our area is huge and basically is just dirt roads with a ton of shacks squished together with jungle mixed in there. If you have seen the Other Side of Heaven, Imagine that, It’s pretty close to the way it is in my area.
There is a couple areas in our mission, three you have to fly to in order to get there. Tarapoto, Maybamba, Pacalpa and Iquitos. Yesterday we had a reunion with everyone in our mission at least in the Iquitos area. It was great, all the latinos get together and speak Spanish while the gringos get together and speak English, It kind of has gotten to me, the no speaking English thing. So everyday at lunch we have lunch with the zone leaders and one of them is from Utah so I just talk English to him the whole time while my companion speaks Spanish to the other the whole time.
It was my birthday, and lets just say I have the best pensionista ever. She got me American food and baked me a cake, they sang happy birthday to me, it made me happy. J She is the sweetest thing, and the best cook, all of them are so patient with me not knowing the language. I’m just really quiet and they just smile, I can understand a lot of what they are saying it’s just the responding part that is the problem J
Also the internet is horrible here, you have to pay for the time and the internet is tortoise slow.
Hermana Larsen

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