Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eat, study, sleep, repeat‏

Hola! I feel like there isn't much to tell this week, it's been kind of boring, we basically eat, sleep, study and repeat! :) We went prosylyting on Saturday and that was way different than the last time, we went to a different part of Lima North. We got a lot of doors that didn't answer and a lot that we taught just on the street, we got one contact and a lot more of me bearing my testimony and saying 'leer el escritura?' which is completely grammatically incorrect. Haha, spanish is stressful, I have two weeks left and I feel like I know nothing, which isn't true, but it feels that way. And all of our district just keeps hearing that the people in Iquitos talk so fast! Ah! This is going to be interesting. Go gift of tongues!
So Hermana Ruesch and I are the sister leaders but we have no idea what we have to do! We haven't gotten the binders or anything because the CCM presidente is out of town for the week at the mission president conference. So we are just flying blind. We got more hermanas today so we will see how it goes :)
I am completely surrounded by latinos at the CCM we just got 70 new ones today! When the last three days we only had americans...
Three of the people from our district are switching over to the latino district today because they are great at spanish, it's dumb. So our district is basically spliting up. Today was the last day we all got to go to the temple and spend p day together...triste.
Está bien.
Well...That is literally all I have to tell you guys, just know that I'm studying a lot and eating and sleeping and repeating it everyday. :)
Hermana Larsen


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  1. Oh wow! Hermana Larsen! It's so good to see your beautiful infectious smiling face! I love you! Your mom and pop are proud! :-) as am I!! :-) I keep you in my prayers sweetheart! Way to take it on!!! You have so much support at home! I can't wait to see and hear more! Love you! Just remind yourself daily who you are!!!! :-)