Monday, January 5, 2015

Fuegos Artificiales‏

Happy New Year!!!!!! It has been quite a week, we have worked SUPER hard, We have walked, sweated, burned, taught, and learned lots of things. We started out the week good, finding new people, and I started to remember how to get to the different houses in our gigantic area.
Wednesday for service it was New Years Eve and we, well, there is a tradition in Peru that for New Years where you burn a stuffed person basically, you make like a stuffed person on new years eve and then at midnight you burn it like a symbol to start the new year out fresh! So for service we helped our pensionista make her stuffed person, we made a missionary that was pretty fun. Then at night we ate dinner with them and we had fun, it was a blast :) 
We also had a work visit this last week went to the area of the sister leaders and my companion stayed in our area. It was super short because the next day we had a training with our zone. It went well. We had fun and found some really cool people. 
I think that the funniest thing that happened this last week was that yesterday we left with a couple of young adults to go visit people and we went to go find a reference and we were crossing this dirt and when you are in Pucallpa you have to find a certain rhythm on how you walk so that you don't fall. Well, my companion went one way and I thought that I would be okay going the other way and whole leg suddenly sunk in this bright red dirt. My companion had to pull me out and the guy we were trying to find came to his window and the funny thing is that when my foot was still in the dirt, I looked over and asked his name. He started to laugh and let me use his shower to clean off my leg. Haha, but it broke the ice and he let us teach him :) 
Well, there is not much else to tell about this week, there hasn't been much rain lately just a lot of sun and I think it rained one time this last week. 
I hope everyone has an amazing week :) 
Hermana Larsen

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