Monday, December 29, 2014

Gripe Navidad, Feliz Año Nuevo!

Shout out to my older brother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!!!!
Well, I have a lot to say because I haven't written a letter for more than two weeks! Haha where to start. Well we had a couple baptisms. They are amazing. It is a couple that my companion was teaching when I got here, they had some problems they almost separated like a week before they got baptized. But they got baptized and they have SUPER strong testimonies. The husband is all about the priesthood and going to the temple. And the wife, well the night before they got baptized she was super scared because her mom basically told her that she was going to hell if she got baptized in the church of the Mormons. We explained to her about baptism and shared scriptures but in the end I told her that she just needed to pray and take a risk :) And they got baptized! It was great. It was fun, they are a super special family.
In the spirit of Christmas this last few weeks we have been doing service on Wednesdays and singing in a choir with all the missionaries in Pucallpa in the boiling hot sun with our Santa hats. Haha it has been interesting, Christmas eve we all got sunburnt. All of the North Americans didn't feel like it was Christmas, I am still waiting for my snow :) 
Christmas was super fun, we taught and we got to talk to our families!! :) We woke up super early because our zone wanted to play soccer for our exercise in the morning. So, we woke up at 5 in the morning and we went and played soccer with the two zones in Pucallpa, I slept on the grass...haha then we went and made pancakes with the other sisters and I got to talk to someone from Moyobamba, a member that just moved from there to here for his work. I was so excited! So we went to go visit him and they are doing really good and he was actually talking to the branch president from Moyobamba when we went to go visit them and I got to talk to the family. I was so happy :) I also got a card from my old companion that is still there and she broke the news to me that an investigator that we were teaching that had cancer passed away, I was super sad but I know that we will see him again, I am writing cards to his family to cheer them up a little bit. After all that happened we went and played volleyball and ate with the other missionaries and we watched a movie, Ephraim´s Rescue. All the sisters cried. Haha, it was really good. Then I got to talk to my wonderful family. I am so glad that they are doing good. 
The rest of the week was good. Everyone is sick here with a horrible cold that gives you a terrible fever and all that fun stuff and of course I came down with it, but I am feeling better today. Yesterday I rested and now today I feel a lot better. 
Lots of rain these last few days :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful week, Love you all!



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