Monday, December 8, 2014


Well, it happened! I got transferred, it was a huge shock because I seriously didn't feel like I was going to be transferred. I thought I would stay in Moyo for another 6 weeks and then go somewhere else to finish my mission but apparently God wants me in another place. I was super sad to leave, I said bye to everyone and we had a family night Monday night with my branch president's family. We all cried a lot. It was a little rough with my companion because we were getting along so well, we were like best friends and they changed me. She is the one companion that I have had for the shortest time. Then the next day I got to take a car for two hours to Tarapoto and I got to see my old companion Hermana Resanovich! And then we had to fly to Iquitos and I stayed in Iquitos for a day and I ran into some people that I knew from my first area! It was great, I was so happy. It reminded me how much I have grown as a missionary. Then, it was off to.........drum roll please....Pucallpa! Pucallpa is awesome, it is a lot like Iquitos but with a lot more dirt that flies in your face when you are in a Motokar. It's super hot! It has been kind of a shock going from cold to hot again. But it's pretty. Our area reminds me a lot of my first area in Iquitos. The people are super nice. I don't know a lot of the ward yet, but from the members that I have gotten to know, it is great. My companion is super cute and skinny! She only has twelve weeks in the mission. She just finished her training. She is from Equador. This week we started out the week working. We had meeting and we had stake conference. It was fun! There is one stake in Pucallpa. It was funny because all of the talks were about getting married and all that fun stuff, so all of the missionaries were feeling the heat for when we finish. Then last night we got to go to the Christmas devotional. That was fun, I am so excited for Christmas!!!! :) 
But all in all, I am just getting to know my area and the people and Pucallpa, Everything is good and really hot! :) 
Hermana Larsen

My new companion!

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