Monday, November 17, 2014

La Lluvia!‏

Well, this last week we had a huge rain storm! I mean, huge!! We were going to have a mission night, an activity friday and it started to rain, SUPER hard. So NO ONE came to the activity. And all of the missionaries got soaked in the rain. It was pretty funny, because no one showed up, at all.
This last week we had some pretty cool experiences, we have this family of investigators that we found as a contact one day and we taught them for a couple weeks and then out of no where we went to go visit them and the dad went to the hospital as an emergency. The found out that he has liver cancer and doesn't have that long to live. The elders came to the house and gave him a health blessing and he was a little bit better but he is really close to dying and we are serving his family, on Saturday we helped them make their lunch and they wanted us to stay and eat with them but we were late getting home so we had to say no. But they are probably the sweetest family ever. I feel very blessed that we found them, the angels were seriously guiding us to them. 
We have another investigator that is going to get baptized on the 29th. We are super excited for her. We always called her (bread of god) I love her, she is 20 years old and is reading the book of mormon, praying, going to church, and studying. :)
Well, I don't have much else to tell you guys, Moyobamba is the same old same old, my companion is amazing, this week is my birthday!!! :) 

Hermana Larsen
Another thing that happened this last week was that there was so much rain that the roads got flooded and we ended up not having water for 3 days, we had to gather together water in buckets and use that for showers and everything, it was quite interesting :) 


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