Monday, November 10, 2014

Cuando yo me bautice‏

Woo!! Hello to all, What a week it has been, we started out the week with a pday of just the sisters. It was super fun, we went to Rioja, a city that is like 30 minutes in car from Moyobamba and we went to this tourist place that has a river that is super pretty. We ate there and went on a hike and got to put our feet in the water, it was great J I will be sending a lot of pictures. I love the jungle!
Also this last week my sweet companion celebrated one year in the mission! WOO!! We ordered special food to eat and we had a little picnic in our house, we also had cake and I also smashed eggs in her head for the celebration of her one year. J Haha, it was fun, she also taught me how to dance the salsa, now I can dance it when I get home! It was super fun, it reminded me how much time is flying!
We also had a baptism this last week!!! Wooo!!!! J It was such a great night, We were having a baptism and also the elders were baptizing a family so we had a ton of people there. We also sung a special number of music, we sang ‘When I am baptized’ in English and Spanish, the Elder Nerdin and I sang in English and Elder Trujillo and Hermana Centeno in Spanish. It was great, we didn’t practice or anything and it went really well, people liked it. But I messed up when we were singing because I knew it a little bit better in Spanish, sad I know, but we laughed a little bit as we were singing. But Milagros got baptized and it was wonderful, she said she was super happy and felt free. It was seriously amazing. Because we have been working so hard here to have baptisms and we haven’t had any for 5 months and this last Saturday was worth all the wait J I love being in the mission. J J
Oh and Sunday there was a primary program! It was so cute. The primary in our branch is super small but they are so cute. Oh, I just love this area and branch, I never want to leave Peru, I love it here too much. All of my family and friends should just come here and we can live here together. J
Well, There is not much else to talk about, things are going well, my health is getting better, my companion is awesome, the church is still true, I hope it is not snowing for you guys in Utah. Here it is raining like crazy! Every night lately it has rained all night and today we are writing and I am completely soaked from the rain J I love the rain.
Hormigas! (Ants)



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